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Outsourcing: A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

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NutriomPanora, IA

Nutriom, creator of OvaEasy, the world’s only fully functional egg powder, is committed to helping to feed the world by reducing food waste. Forty percent of food is wasted between the farm and final use. By eliminating the fragile shell and the perishable liquid, Nutriom can deliver nutrient-dense, high-quality dried eggs to people in difficult situations, such as those who have been affected by natural disasters, military personnel in submarines and on Navy ships, restaurants with limited refrigeration space, or climbers at the top of Mount Everest.

When Nutriom moved their headquarters from Washington to Iowa five years ago in an effort to streamline their processes and increase efficiencies in their supply chain, they struggled to build an accounting team that was the right fit for their unique situation. Needing specialized accounting services but not big enough to have four or five full-time accountants on staff, Nutriom decided to outsource their accounting services.



  • A data strategy created to scale and change for the future
  • Fast, efficient, and reliable data across the organization
  • Seamless transition to a cloud data infrastructure

Hear from Nutriom about how Eide Bailly helped improve their operations.

The Challenge

When Nutriom moved their headquarters to improve their supply chain, they were faced with a variety of new challenges.

Nutriom knew they needed to streamline their processes and increase efficiencies, yet they struggled to build an internal accounting team.

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Lack of internal staff and specialized accounting knowledge
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    Time-consuming and inefficient processes caused supply chain issues
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      Limited tools and resources resulted in inconsistent and unreliable data

        The Solution

        Nutriom was able to elevate their organization to new heights through outsourcing.

        Outsourcing specialized accounting was identified as the best way to accomplish Nutriom’s strategic objectives and tackle the challenges they faced after moving their headquarters.

        Outsourcing gave them peace of mind knowing that their key accounting functions were taken care of by a team with specialized knowledge and deep expertise backed by years of experience. This comprehensive outsourcing solution caters to Nutriom’s present requirements and future aspirations, ensuring they have access to the resources they need.

        In addition to outsourcing, Nutriom utilized NetSuite and took advantage of available savings through Business Credits and Incentives.

        The Results

        Nutriom transformed their operations and amplified their impact.

        By working with a trusted outsourcing firm, Nutriom maximized their impact and improved operations. With a large part of their business operations taken care of, they’re able to focus on what truly matters, driving growth and achieving success.

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