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How a Boat Manufacturing Powerhouse Optimized Their Accounting Practices

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Tige BoatsAbilene, TX

In 1991, revolutionary boat innovator Charlie Pigeon founded Tige Boats with the mission to give customers the ultimate experience on the water. Just two years later, Tige’s unique approach catapulted them into the international market. Now a multi-million-dollar industry leader, Tige remains at the forefront of innovative technology and craftsmanship, shipping high-quality boats out of their state-of-the-art facility in Abilene, Texas to customers all over the globe.


  • Optimized processes
  • GAAP-compliant audit procedures
  • Reduction of inefficiencies
  • Audited financials
  • Significant tax savings
  • High-level support and depth of resources
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their previous R&D tax credit

Watch to learn more about how Eide Bailly helped transform accounting operations at Tige Boats

The Challenge

Explosive growth led to the need for updated accounting processes.

With growth comes growing pains—especially when it comes to accounting. When Chief Financial Officer Jeff Vogt joined the company, he realized that not much had changed from the mom-and-pop accounting procedures that were put into place at the company’s inception. 

yellow 1
Rapid growth causing accounting chaos
    yellow 2
    Inefficient processes
      yellow 3
      Missed opportunities

        The Solution

        Streamlined and optimized processes to support future growth.

        Eide Bailly was able to help the Tige Boats team optimize and transform their accounting practices so that they are positioned to continue their upward trajectory. 

        The Results

        Optimized processes, streamlined accounting, and increased opportunities.

        Tige Boats uses their audited financials as a springboard for change and opportunity. And with the Eide Bailly team, they’ve realized 4x the amount of their previous R&D tax credit. 

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