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The businesses of the future don’t simply adopt the status quo, but instead look for ways to expand what they’ve done and create new ideas. As your business works to improve existing products and services and develop new ideas, you may be eligible for the research and development (R&D) tax credit.

Eide Bailly’s R&D tax credit team takes the time to understand your organization’s business activities and tax situation to identify how you can take full advantage of qualifying for federal and state R&D credits. Our team’s knowledge of tax laws and regulations helps clients benefit not only from R&D credits, but other tax incentives to help you maximize your credit stack.

Industries and the Research and Development Tax Credit

The R&D tax credit has no specific industry requirements when it comes to utilizing the credit. The application of the credit lies more in the types of activities a particular organization is participating in.

Eide Bailly has seen success with the R&D tax credit in the following areas:

  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Software/Technology
  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Financial institutions
  • Construction and Real Estate

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Research & Development Tax Incentives Leadership

Jim Donovan

Jim DonovanCPA

Partner/National Tax Office

Jim has 20 years of tax consulting experience primarily focused on tax credits for a variety of industries. He helps clients benefit from federal and state R&D tax incentives, which can include additional deductions and credits for activities many businesses consider a necessity to remain competitive in today's marketplace. He also provides assistance with IRS and state taxing authorities to support R&D credit claims and has written articles on tax incentives.