Client Access

Eide Bailly Connect

Eide Bailly Connect

This is our active client portal for secure document transfer until December 1, 2020. After that date, we’ll be utilizing our new client site, My Eide Bailly.

We will be removing access to Eide Bailly Connect on December 1, so please download any files you need for your personal records before that date. If you are in the middle of work with us, don’t worry, any documents you have or will upload to Eide Bailly Connect will still be accessible by our staff.

Questions? Click here for instructions.

My Eide Bailly

If you have been granted early access to our My Eide Bailly client site and finished registration, you can now log-in using the button below.

For My Eide Bailly help or questions, call 844-200-2322 or click on the help button to request assistance.

Pay My Bill Online

This application allows you to pay your bill from Eide Bailly online.
Please note – The bill pay site is not integrated with our internal systems and will not populate the amount you owe. Please see your most recent invoice/statement for amount due.

If this is your first time accessing the online bill pay service, please click here to register today. 

(Please note – You will be redirected to for payment processing)

Other Client Logins: