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Specialty Services

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Technology Consulting

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Why Pursue a CPA Career?

Before you start typing in “CPA jobs near me” into Google, it’s a good idea to explore why pursuing a CPA job makes sense in the first place. And the good news is that there are plenty of reasons why CPA careers can be lucrative and interesting opportunities for many people.

Let’s go through some of these reasons below.

It’s an Evergreen Career

One of the main reasons so many people consider “CPA jobs near me” is that there is always such a high demand for high-level accounting specialists. Jobs for CPA-licensed professionals are in-demand in all industries and for all types of organizations, which means any good professional will have their pick of well-paid opportunities they can choose from.

And with the demand for accountants so high, the shortage of specialists is almost permanent, which means that, if you type in “CPA jobs near me,” you will be just as likely to find jobs for certified public accountants in 20 years as you would today.

Companies Value CPAs

Since certified public accountant jobs are in such high demand, it follows that companies want to hold on to the ones they already have at all costs. And as someone pursuing a CPA career path, that puts you in complete control over how you negotiate your salary, benefits, and every aspect of your job.

The certified public accountant job description comes with many responsibilities, but you will surely be valued for the work that you do, and the company you work for will do everything to keep you satisfied. Whether it’s consistent pay increases, management role potential, various benefits, or even work flexibility, being a CPA puts you in a position to create a personal career path you will be happy with.

High Earnings Potential

When you look at some of the jobs with CPA qualification requirements, you will quickly notice a trend: most of the results on the “CPA jobs near me” page will show salaries that frequently hover near or around the $100,000 salary mark, especially for specialists with a few years of experience.

Compared to unlicensed accountants, licensed CPAs can expect much higher salaries, as well as a better growth potential for your earnings in the future. In some cases, merely getting a CPA license can result in your hourly rate increasing by four times or more, especially in public accounting positions.

Potential for Leadership Roles

In essence, CPAs are top-level finance professionals, and being in that position can enable them to charge premium prices for their services. But at the same time, CPA helps professionals increase the likelihood of attaining leading roles in the companies they work at.

Obtaining the education necessary to become a CPA takes time and effort, and it’s something that’s strongly considered when deciding who gets promoted to critical roles. Having a CPA will create opportunities for your career that would otherwise be hard to attain, such as eventually becoming a partner at the firm or taking on executive roles in a large organization.

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