Increase your organization’s cash flow by benefiting from available tax credits and deductions.

Business credits and incentives help organizations save cash and keep more of their revenue invested in funding and building their business. The challenge for taxpayers and exempt organizations is knowing what incentives exist and how they can qualify.

For the first time in legislative history exempt organizations and nonprofits are also invited to play in the Business Credits and Incentives space with the Employee Retention Credit and Energy Incentive Program.

A trusted firm can help you maximize tax savings and benefit from available incentives. Eide Bailly’s team has knowledge and experience in business tax planning strategies to help organizations increase cash flow.

Our Business Credits and Incentives team is staffed by National Tax Office professionals who stay informed on legislative and tax code changes. We help clients across all industries with specialized, complex tax situations, saving our clients millions of dollars in tax savings each year.

Don’t leave money on the table by not claiming what you qualify for.

Our Business Credits & Incentives Assessment will help you quickly identify areas to increase cash flow in your organization.
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Credits and Incentives Include:

  • Carbon Capture Sequestration Credit  (Section 45Q)

  • Clean Energy Investment Credits (Section 48)

  • Clean Energy Production Credits (Section 45)

  • Cost Segregation

  • Employee Retention Credit  (ERC)

  • Energy Incentive Program

  • Export Tax Incentives

  • Low Income Housing Credit  (Section 42)

  • Research & Development Tax Credit 

  • State and Local Tax Credits & Incentives

  • Sustainability & ESG

  • Utility Sales Tax Exemption

Learn how to increase your cash flow.
Besides deferring taxable income, the best thing about the cost segregation study process with Eide Bailly is that it’s seamless. I stay busy, and there’s no interruption in daily business, there’s no large time commitment required on my part, and it’s a totally seamless transaction. Anytime we purchase a commercial property, Eide Bailly is part of the process.
Will Reynolds
OwnerClassic Auto Group

Learn how to increase your cash flow with the help of a trusted national advisor.

Eide Bailly’s team is the number one accounting firm for energy efficiency incentives. In addition, our team is knowledgeable in business planning strategies to help you maximize opportunity.

Business Credits & Incentives Leadership

Mark Rogers (MPL)

Mark Rogers

Principal, Business Credits & Incentives

Mark has over 19 years of experience helping taxpayers identify and implement tax-saving strategies made available through building, acquiring, renovating and designing property. And now, courtesy of the Inflation Reduction Act, Mark is helping nonprofits and exempt organizations monetize energy incentives to help their funding. As a leader in the Business Credits & Incentives arena, Mark oversees a national team of CPAs, Professional Engineers, energy modelers, LEED professionals, architects, HERS raters and construction specialists. The BCI group has professionals with wide industry experience performing Research & Development, Employee Retention Credit, fixed asset planning, 179D energy deduction, cost segregation, 45L energy credit, 45Q CCS credit, tangible property regulations and construction tax planning studies.
Jim Donovan

Jim DonovanCPA

Partner/National Tax Office

Jim has 20 years of tax consulting experience primarily focused on tax credits for a variety of industries. He helps clients benefit from federal and state R&D tax incentives, which can include additional deductions and credits for activities many businesses consider a necessity to remain competitive in today's marketplace. He also provides assistance with IRS and state taxing authorities to support R&D credit claims and has written articles on tax incentives.