With proper planning, your financial, operational and organizational challenges can be less challenging.

With proper planning, your financial, operational and organizational challenges can be less challenging.

Your passion is your mission, and you work endlessly to fulfill it. But governance, compliance, and financial and operational issues can dominate your time and resources. Professionals who know the ins and outs of the industry can help you with these challenges so you can keep your attention on impact.


It takes heart and perseverance to operate a nonprofit. That's why Eide Bailly's team works with you to ensure services are efficient and meaningful. Generating revenue, communicating financial information to stakeholders and more are crucial to your organization’s sustainability, so we'll help you navigate your path and plan for what matters.

We've put together a thoughtful series of CPE qualifying, educational and informational webinars designed to keep our nonprofit industry clients, colleagues and friends informed on the latest technical accounting topics.

Resourcefullness Award


Congratulations to the 2019 Eide Bailly Resourcefullness Award Winners!

Eide Bailly has recognized 15 organizations for implementing creative, sustainable and impactful revenue generating initiatives.

Latest Insights

April 3, 2020
Nonprofits can benefit from the recent stimulus package passed by Congress. Here are answers to some of the more common question about these relief programs.
March 31, 2020
The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) was signed into law by the President on March 27, 2020. This comes after moving through various objections to passage in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, creating …
March 26, 2020
Recorded Webinar
In this session we will introduce noncash charitable gift alternatives and planned charitable giving tools. We will also discuss the charity’s role with respect to IRS Form 8283 for noncash gifts.
March 25, 2020
Many nonprofit organizations are finding themselves sifting through daily updates on the evolving coronavirus pandemic and wondering—does this apply to me?
March 24, 2020
The impact of COVID-19 has altered the operating procedures and systems of organizations to entities struggling to provide needed services in a remote working environment. Among the myriad of challenges impacting those receiving federal funds is how …
March 20, 2020
Recent FASB changes have made it essential for nonprofits to develop and maintain a cost allocation policy. Here are four key steps in the process.


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