Understand the impact of organizational risk and how to control it.

Organizations face an ever-evolving risk landscape that challenges their success and very existence. Protecting your data, preparing for threats, and ensuring compliance are all critical to your reputation and your bottom line.

Our professionals can identify risk exposure, manage business risk, and evaluate governance, risk management, and compliance requirements across their processes and technologies. We work to integrate a culture of control into an organization’s processes and systems to minimize risk.

Eide Bailly’s Risk Advisory team empowers clients to make better decisions, support business objectives, and prevent loss, damage, or harm to the business from cyber risk, operational risk, regulatory risk, reputation risk, and forensic risk.

What We Offer

  • Information Risk & Compliance

  • Internal Audit

  • SOC Audit

Let us help you reduce and control your risk

No matter your industry, we can help you proactively plan for risk, remedy issues, and increase operational efficiencies through assessments and testing.
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How to Minimize Risk in Your Organization

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While you can’t fully escape it, there are ways to minimize your risk and feel confident that your organization is stable and secure.
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We didn’t realize the amount of risk we had in our environment until we had Eide Bailly do a security assessment. It was eye opening.
Security Assessment Customer

We’ll help you protect the critical information you need for success.

Eide Bailly has a full-service team of risk advisory and security specialists who understand the complicated nature of data protection.

Risk Advisory Leadership

Eric Pulse


Principal/Risk Advisory Practice Leader

Eric joined Eide Bailly in 2013 and has over 25 years of experience in public accounting and consulting. He leads Eide Bailly’s Risk Advisory Services practice and specializes in providing information technology, risk advisory and cybersecurity consulting services to a variety of industries, including banking, credit unions, healthcare, insurance, retail, manufacturing and governments. He advises Eide Bailly clients on how to keep their valuable data secure in a world of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. With his many years of experience, Eric has become a true thought leader in the culture of cybersecurity.