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Accounting and Finance

Organizations need to concentrate on accounting and finance in order to grow their organization and remain compliant. But accounting is about more than entry-level bookkeeping. Having high-level, strategic advice from trusted advisors can help an organization get a handle on their financial state and future. Eide Bailly’s accounting and finance outsourced services range from special projects and interim help all the way to fully outsourced accounting, complete with cloud-based accounting technology. All this so you can free up time to focus on what really matters—running your business.

Technology Managed Services

As the world turns more digital, technology has become paramount to an organization’s success. But what if something breaks? Or you have a list of system optimizations a mile long with no one to do it? How can you be sure you’re getting the most out of your technology investments?

Working with our experienced solutions team will help you design a proactive, value-driven technology map for your organization. This is a better solution for organizations without an internal admin to manage system needs and governance or businesses hoping to make several strategic system improvements over time. Our proactive guidance and approach to business-driven improvements can make all the difference to your solution’s ROI and user adoption.

From on-call support to system optimizations and experienced guidance, Eide Bailly can help solidify your long-term direction and return on investment for your ERP, CRM, integrations and more. Leverage our industry best practices and expertise to push the needle for your organization.


You have the data, but you have no idea how to gather and use it. The hard truth is this: your messy data is costing you time and money. But hiring a team of data analysts to help you achieve your data goals can be a heavy (and costly) burden to lift.

Outsourcing your data needs to Eide Bailly’s experienced data and business analysts simplifies this process. We’ll focus on your data cleanliness, structure and organization, and we can even build out your reports and dashboards That way you can see real value from your business data – and your investment.

IT and Networking

IT professionals can be one of the hardest skill sets to hire for, particularly in industries that are not overtly technical. But your network and IT environment are the lifeblood of your business; without them, your team is unable to access critical systems and information to perform their work.

You don’t need your own dream team of IT specialists and engineers to have cutting-edge technology. Eliminate your day-to-day IT stresses, and lean on Eide Bailly’s certified professionals to ensure your technology environment is secure, stable and supported for long-term success. Whether you want our team to manage it all, add to your internal team’s current skills, or simply provide ad-hoc support when you need it, we’re here to help you reduce your IT risk.


Cybersecurity is more than just protecting your systems and data. It’s about safeguarding your organization and its reputation. Our outsourced cybersecurity professionals help train, implement and optimize cybersecurity solutions for your organization. We help your organization run regular risk tests and ensure that when a data breach occurs, you’re prepared for it.

Internal Audit

Internal audits are an essential component of governmental and risk management. It encourages improved processes and controls, addresses regulatory and compliance issues and more. For many organizations, they are not large enough to have an internal audit team in house. Outsourcing your internal audit needs gives you an objective, third-party view into potential risk areas, including business and operational controls and strategic planning.

Human Resources

An organization’s greatest resource is its people. That’s why human resources is so valuable. Policies and procedures can help prevent issues and a detailed recruitment plan can allow you to find the best fit for your team. Outsourcing your HR needs – from hiring to exit – can give your business peace of mind.

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