We’re inspired to handle the business of healthcare. 

We focus on the business of your healthcare organization so you can focus on your patients.

At Eide Bailly, we handle the business of healthcare. We combine a deep understanding of the healthcare industry with our business expertise to assist healthcare organizations in operating successfully. This allows you to focus on delivering the best care to your patients.    

We understand that healthcare is complex and business operations will vary depending on what type of organization you operate. We approach our work with you to focus on delivering solutions to your needs and deliver on many specific services including tax, audit, financial, technical, digital, strategic, and operational considerations. It’s all designed to meet you where you’re at and align with your goals.

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Our Team is a Proven Leader in the Healthcare Industry

Our team displays a magnitude of healthcare expertise and real-world experience. We care, and we are in healthcare for a reason.

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Healthcare organizations choose to work with Eide Bailly for several reasons.

Unlock your full potential with Eide Bailly

Healthcare operations and businesses are too big, moving too fast, and too important to try to do all on your own. Let us help you handle the business of healthcare.


Geoff Knobloch

Geoff M. KnoblochCPA

Partner/Healthcare Industry Leader