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Exiting Your Business – Key Considerations When It’s Time to Sell

July 20, 2022 | Podcast

Every business owner will one day have to face the decision of how to sell or transition their business. A sale is a complicated and complex process, and one many business owners will only do once. How can business owners ensure they enter this process with an organization that is optimized for a sale?

Eide Bailly Partner, Amber Ferrie, joins the podcast to talk about what business owners need to know about transitioning their business, including how to make your organization attractive to potential buyers, what types of buyers you may be dealing with and why the current market is prime for selling.

“What's important to remember is if you're thinking about exit planning for your business, all of these potential buyer groups, private equity, family offices or private companies, they're all well-funded right now. They all have a healthy balance sheet. So if this is something that you think is in your near-term goals for your company, I think now's a great time to start.”

– Amber Ferrie, Partner, Eide Bailly

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