The New Security Dream Team: CIO and CISO


Organizations are moving quickly to digitize and implement modern workplace models. McKinsey estimates that in 2023, 70% of organizations will employ hybrid or multi-cloud management technologies, tools, and processes. Therefore, in order to meet demand, remain competitive, and mitigate risk, it’s imperative your Chief Information Officer and your Chief Information Security Officer team up to create an environment that is both agile and secure.

This has been historically complicated due to many factors—inherent conflicts in their roles, legacy hierarchies, and competition over budget allocation, to name a few—but the speed at which organizations are digitizing and the scale of digital transformation initiatives organizations are undertaking have added complexity to the relationship.

The Importance of the CIO-CISO Relationship

The most successful digital transformations and modern workplace environments involve a strong alliance between cybersecurity and technology teams. By working as a unified team, both the CIO and CISO can accomplish their goals—to keep technology running and the organization secure.

In the playbook you’ll learn:

  • The history of CIO and CISO roles
  • Points of conflict between the roles
  • How to gauge the maturity of your CIO-CISO relationship
  • 4 steps to strengthening the CIO-CISO relationship

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