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When New Becomes Normal – Business After the Pandemic

March 17, 2021 | Podcast

From plexiglass and curbside pickup, to video conferencing fails and virtual happy hours, the pandemic has changed the face of business in America. Organizations were forced to adapt to a whole new set of rules, expectations and technology. And now, as we look forward to the beginning of a post-pandemic world, many businesses are starting to realize a lot of last year’s changes aren’t going away.

In this episode of EB & Flow, Jenni Huotari, Director of Business Outsourcing and Strategy for Eide Bailly, talks about the shifting social norms that came with the pandemic and how these will lead to permanent changes at many businesses. She also outlines some of the things businesses should be considering heading into 2021.

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Operating a business through the pandemic and beyond can be challenging. Our team of BOS advisors can help you navigate the complexities.

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