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Dumpster Fire Medals and Finding the Finish Line – Growth and Creativity in Business

June 28, 2021 | Podcast

How does a mass-gathering business stay afloat during a pandemic hallmarked by social distancing? And how does that type of organization stay engaged in the community during a trying time? If you’re Michael Zimmerman of RipRoar Events in Des Moines, Iowa, you create and sell “dumpster fire” medals to honor people just for making it through the year 2020.

Michael joins the EB & Flow podcast, along with Eide Bailly Partner Blake Crow, to talk about:

  • How he turned his passion into a business
  • Strategies he’s utilized to make it through last year
  • How he’s navigating being a small business on the cusp of deciding how to scale it


The impact of accounting on your organization is critical, especially during times of disruption.

Clinton LarsonHOST

Clinton Laron
Corporate Communications Manager             

Blake CrowCO-HOST


Blake Crow, CPA


Michael ZimmermanGUEST

Michael Zimmerman
RipRoar Events


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