How a Boat Manufacturing Power-House Optimized Their Accounting Practices

Case Study

tige logoIn 1991, revolutionary boat innovator Charlie Pigeon founded Tige Boats with the mission to give customers the ultimate experience on the water. Just two years later, Tige’s unique approach catapulted them into the international market. Now a multi-million-dollar industry leader, Tige remains at the forefront of innovative technology and craftsmanship, shipping high-quality boats out of their state-of-the-art facility in Abilene, Texas to customers all over the globe.

But with growth comes growing pains—especially when it comes to accounting. When Chief Financial Officer Jeff Vogt joined the company, he realized that not much had changed from the mom-and-pop accounting procedures that were put into place at the company’s inception. Eide Bailly was able to help the Tige Boats team optimize and transform their accounting practices so that they are positioned to continue their upward trajectory.

Eide Bailly came on at an incredible time for our company. It was right as our revenue was taking off at a steep climb—we had the COVID outbreak, which absolutely skyrocketed the demand for boats. Having their expertise come in and help us take this company from a mom-and-pop way of doing things to a company with audited financials opened the doors to us for huge things for growth in the future.

Eide Bailly came on at the beginning of the massive growth cycle. They’ve helped us streamline and optimize our procedures so that we can meet this bigger demand.

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