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Cybersecurity Trends for 2022 – Strategies to Prevent, Detect and Respond to Threats

February 24, 2022 | Podcast

Cybersecurity was once again a top headline recently with the discovered Log4J vulnerability and affected nearly any computer with an internet connection. Attacks such as ransomware continue to grow in occurrence and sophistication and require dedicated vigilance to prevent it happening to you.

As business leaders look ahead for 2022, what should they be thinking about when it comes to protecting their organizations and their data? Michael Nouguier, Director of Cybersecurity Services joins the EB & Flow podcast to talk about what cybersecurity trends to expect.

“One of the things that I try and preach from a cybersecurity perspective often is if you have a dollar to spend on cybersecurity, spend it on gaining visibility and understanding of your network. If you don't know what you need to protect, you can't protect your environment.”

– Michael Nouguier, Director of Cybersecurity Services

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