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Choosing a CRM For Your Business

October 14, 2021 | Podcast

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has become a must-have solution for most businesses. But with all the options available, how do business owners know that they have the right CRM for their goals?

In this episode of the EB & Flow podcast, Eide Bailly’s Senior Manager and Salesforce consultant Bianca West joins hosts Clinton Larson and Trina Michels to discuss why a CRM is important, how organizations can evaluate their CRM and what they need to know if they decide to implement a new solution.

“You're either green and growing, or ripe and rotting. And I think sometimes people look at a CRM implementation and think, ‘I've finally made it.’ When really, it's the beginning of additional iterations because you really want to be better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today. So continuous improvement is incredibly important.”

– Bianca West, Senior Manager and Salesforce Consultant

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CRMs help businesses stay competitive and do more with less. We can help your company implement a customized CRM to improve efficiencies and profitability.

Clinton LarsonHOST

Clinton Laron
Corporate Communications Manager 
Eide Bailly

Trina MichelsCOHOST

Trina Michels
Senior Manager
Business Development | NetSuite

Eide Bailly


Bianca West
Senior Manager | Salesforce
Eide Bailly


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