Getting the right NetSuite implementation

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You know that saying “one-size-fits-all?” Well, that’s rarely the case with ERP implementations. And even less so when looking at implementation partners.

When Mesa Labs – a 30-year-old, multi-national device manufacturing company based in Denver, Colo., was looking to upgrade their legacy accounting system, they went through the correct steps to find their right ERP fit. But it wasn’t until they were in the middle of their NetSuite implementation that they realized they hadn’t found the right implementation partner.

Frankly, I think we would have either not gone live with NetSuite or it would have been a much more arduous, risk-prone process had we not engaged Eide Bailly when we did.

- Anthony Nusbaum | Corporate Controller, Mesa Labs

Mesa realized the skills and needs of their internal team required a more hands-on implementation approach, and the style of their original implementation partner was simply not a fit. They turned to our team in Denver to get their NetSuite implementation back on track. And they haven’t looked back.

Getting the Right NetSuite Implementation

It was a really dramatic change I think for Mesa, specifically for us on the implementation team. There was a lot more hand holding, a lot more solution-ing. We used Eide Bailly for implementation guidance, actual implementation work, scripting. We purchased one of the modules that Eide Bailly has developed internally. And it’s been a successful relationship, and an ongoing one.

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