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Case Study

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Skin Script specializes in quality skincare products, manufactured and distributed in the United States. Their team needed a software solution to help manage their growing business. Order picking and inventory management were becoming increasingly difficult, and financial planning and agility on QuickBooks was a struggle. That’s when Skin Script came to Eide Bailly and our partners at RF-Smart for help.

Key Highlights

Three days to close a month in QuickBooks

Two full-time employees dedicated to
manually entering sales into QuickBooks

Manual shipping and order picking processes

No true inventory value or visibility

Relied on tribal knowledge for
order, production, and shipping process

Processes were not scalable for future continued growth

Lack of sales and order enablement in
the field at tradeshows and events

Eide Bailly and NetSuite

Our team implemented a robust NetSuite ERP financial foundation for the team at Skin Script with advanced inventory and bin management functionality, an integrated RF-Smart warehouse management system, and a SuiteCommerce built website. This solution completely connected their inventory and order management systems to their CRM to reduce manual order entry and make it easier for their customers to self-serve.

Now, their team can scale and grow to triple the volume without needing to hire, add space, or upgrade their technology.

And with the added RF-Smart WMS functionality, order fulfillment and mobile inventory management is a breeze. The Skin Script team is able to easily re-organize their inventory using NetSuite Advanced Inventory and RF-Smart WMS to optimize their warehouse and increase efficiency. They now know their true inventory cost, profitability per item and sales history and trends for improved production and financial planning.

“The increase in efficiency is really impacting our operations. It’s more than I anticipated.”

Tim Chapman | Shipping Warehouse Manager, Skin Script


RF-Smart for NetSuite was a no-brainer solution for the team at Skin Script. They were looking for a streamlined way to fulfill mobile inventory management and eliminate manual sales order picking processes. With NetSuite and RF-Smart, Skin Script went from multiple, disparate systems to a full-blown inventory-focused ERP integrated with their WMS.

Read more about how RF-Smart enabled a streamlined sales order picking and packing process for Skin Script, complete with mobile restocking, bin putaway, and bin transfers.

Calculating the Value

Before: Manual and Costly

Before implementing NetSuite ERP and a mobile warehouse management system (WMS), the Skin Script team was bogged down with a number of manual, time-consuming (and costly) processes.

Skin Script was using QuickBooks for sales order entry and manually keying credit card information for each order. Additionally, their online shop was not connected to their financial system, so the team needed to manually enter sales into QuickBooks each day. Both of these practices resulted in very high payment processing rates for orders.

In the warehouse, the Skin Script team was using Excel spreadsheets to manage their inventory and manually picking, packing, and shipping orders. At their best, the team could complete a maximum of 250-300 orders in a day.

After: Efficient and Realized Savings

Skin Script now uses NetSuite for all sales orders, and their credit card processor integrates directly into NetSuite ERP resulting in significantly lower processing fees. Not to mention that their online shop was built on NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce Advanced platform, meaning all sales orders and payments are managed on a single system, seamlessly.

Our Eide Bailly team also implemented NetSuite advanced inventory and bin management for the Skin Script team. This has eliminated spreadsheet mayhem for the team, and all inventory is tracked directly in their new ERP for improved visibility and accuracy. Combined with RF-Smart’s warehouse management and barcoding solution, Skin Script more than tripled their shipping capacity! With improved pick-pack-and-ship functionality and auto generated emailed for order tracking, the team can now successfully manage 1,100 orders a day.

The team was also delighted to find immediate reduction in costs with their technology implementation as well. Even after the price of implementation and licensing, Skin Script has seen an immediate savings of $25,334 in annual costs – largely due to the significant reduction in credit card processing fees after integrating their processor with NetSuite. These savings do not take into account the organization’s efficiency and productivity savings, which have been substantial post-implementation.

Built for Growth

From 2018 when they decided to implement NetSuite to 2020, Skin Script has grown from a $5.6M business to an estimated $16M. Founder and owner Lisa VanBockern says that kind of growth would not have been possible to achieve had it not been for NetSuite.

“Thank goodness we did it! We have tripled sales in three years, and there is no way we could have done that without new software and new shipping software. It just would not have been possible to have that growth with QuickBooks. We would have melted down if we didn't do something.”

Lisa VanBockern | Owner and Founder, Skin Script

Read more about how Skin Script improved productivity, visibility and scalability with NetSuite.

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