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A Need for Tighter Integration and Wider Adoption

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PacksizeSalt Lake City, Utah

Packsize, a leader in efficient packaging solutions, had already deployed Salesforce when they came to Eide Bailly for help. Although their sales team was officially up and running on Salesforce, adoption and usage of the system was low—and their operations team wasn’t using it at all. To create standardized processes and gather more accurate and comprehensive data for better business decision making, Packsize needed a solution that would allow them to share information seamlessly between the sales and operations teams. We focused on creating a solution prime for data cleansing and process automation.


  • Improved customer service
  • Increased user adoption across accounting, marketing, R&D, and executive teams
  • 85% completion rate in preventative maintenance, up from 70% pre-integration
  • 10-15% savings in time spent on new accounts
  • 10% increase in productivity
By the numbers
increase in productivity
in preventative maintenance completion rate
savings in time spent on new accounts

The Challenge

Poor user adoption and a lack data sharing across teams made for inefficient processes and poor customer experiences.

Packsize learned that implementing technology is only half of the equation. To get the most value out of their solution, they needed the help of an experienced team.

yellow 1
Need to share information between sales and operations
    yellow 2
    Inaccurate and incomprehensive data
      yellow 3
      Lack of standardized processes

        The Solution

        Salesforce Enterprise Coupled with Customized Integrations and Automations

        Eide Bailly started by sitting down with both the sales and operations teams to understand their business processes and needs, so the solution could be customized around a unified set of goals. “We just talked about our challenges, and Eide Bailly came up with a perfect solution,” says Brad Buttars, Sales Operations Manager at Packsize.

        Mindy Eddy, Director of Operations, agrees that the initial discovery meetings between Packsize and Eide Bailly were essential to the success of the integration project. “We came to them with some ideas, and they made them ten times better,” she says. “We’d never had that kind of experience with a vendor before.”

        First, Eide Bailly helped Packsize make the business case to upgrade to Salesforce Enterprise Edition, which enabled the system to be fully customized. Eide Bailly then created an individualized and integrated CRM solution using workflows and APEX triggers, which allowed Packsize to automate everything from sales quotes to machinery requests. Pertinent data from sales operations was merged with all sales account information, so that both teams could see where each customer was in the sales process – all in real-time, from a single location.

        The new solution also enabled the operations team to track equipment and maintenance in real-time. “Everything our engineers needed to do their job was customized in the solution,” explains Mindy. Engineering tasks were also standardized in Salesforce so that predictable processes could be created for each job function. “After adding these customizations, our engineers were all answering the same questions and using the same checklists, which meant all our customers were receiving the same excellent service.”

        The Results

        Building Efficiency, Improving Service, and Winning Customers

        With new levels of efficiency and speed in the workflow, both sales and operations teams have more time and resources for business-critical tasks. This has helped Packsize realize a nearly 10% increase in productivity while saving the sales team roughly 10-15% on time spent on new accounts. Customer service also improved noticeably, and preventive maintenance’s completion rate went from under 70% pre-integration to an impressive 85%.

        As more employees in the company saw just how easy the system was to use, adoption skyrocketed – with accounting, marketing, R&D, and executive departments all starting to actively leverage the solution.

        Looking to the future, Packsize plans to roll out Salesforce to its customer solutions group for project management while adding new customizations to make the company even more agile. And with Eide Bailly on their side, they’ve got the power and expertise to accomplish it.

        “These days, we don’t bring as many ideas to Eide Bailly,” says Mindy. “They know our business so well that they bring the ideas to us.”

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