Efficient Operations Through a Pandemic With Salesforce

Case Study

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The Cheerleading Company is a highly customized retail and apparel manufacturing organization based in Dallas, Texas. They were running on a custom-built legacy system dating back to the early 2000s, but as their made-to-order uniform operations grew, the Cheerleading Company team realized they would need to invest in their internal systems to scale with demand. Recognizing the limitations of their dated systems, the team decided to implement Salesforce to support their lead-to-quote and customer service operations and called our team at Eide Bailly.

Several months into the project, the Cheerleading Company opted to change directions with their planned ERP implementation and integration. After seeing the early results of their initial Eide Bailly Salesforce implementation, they asked our team to expand the scope of the project and build out the fulfillment portion of their operations in Salesforce as well.

As a result, Eide Bailly implemented a robust Salesforce solution spanning the entirety of the Cheerleading Company’s business – from lead through fulfillment – creating end-to-end process management and holistic customer views. This has enabled the Cheerleading Company to manage every aspect of its business in one centralized system with repeatable workflows.

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End-to-End Business Process in Salesforce

With the development expertise of our Eide Bailly Salesforce team and a number of strategic integrations with third-party solutions, the Cheerleading Company is now able to effectively manage their entire operations in Salesforce, including:

  • Run marketing campaigns and product promotions effectively
  • Capture leads organically and from their website seamlessly
  • Nurture prospects and customers to conversion
  • Create complex customer orders quickly
  • Track and process orders through fulfillment
  • Pack shipments and generate shipping labels efficiently
  • Invoice customers and accept payments directly in the system
  • Track and manage inventory levels accurately
  • Generate purchase orders based on order details and inventory
  • Manage customer service inquiries and product returns
  • Allow outside sales reps access to the system through a secure Partner community

Cheerleading Company’s custom Salesforce solution went live in March 2020. Shortly thereafter, the COVID-19 pandemic shut much of the United States down, with states enforcing lockdowns and businesses suddenly moving to remote work environments.

“Having the functionality that Eide Bailly built for us has allowed us to have a strong remote presence during this pandemic.

- Jennifer Cronin | Vice President, Cheerleading Company 

Investing in the Right Long-Term Technology

No one could have predicted what 2020 would bring when the Cheerleading Company’s executive team initiated their Salesforce project in 2018. However, due to their strategic technology planning and investments, the Cheerleading Company was equipped to take on the challenges of the pandemic and alter its business model to begin selling masks and other pandemic essentials that customers needed.

With the seamless, repeatable workflows that Eide Bailly built in Salesforce, the Cheerleading Company was able to easily create new products and fulfill orders quickly and efficiently. In addition, their sales team is equipped to better manage leads, generate quotes, and submit orders through their Salesforce Community implementation. Lastly, due to improved data insights they have in the system, their marketing team is now able to effectively target customers with relevant product offerings.


  • Improved efficiency and lean operations
  • Ability to effectively adapt and work through a pandemic
  • Improved tracking, order management, fulfillment, and returns
  • Increased customer satisfaction and service responsiveness
  • Centralized and streamlined complex processes into a single system
  • Simplified “pick-and-pack” process with AccountingSeed ERP and Zenkraft shipping integration
  • Streamlined management of orders and unique fulfillment process of each product (i.e. Drop-ship, Drop-ship and Customize, From Scratch, Stock Product)
  • Ability to market to customers based on products they have purchased in the past
  • Access to a Partner Community for outside sales reps to sell and manage leads
  • Enhanced visibility into the customer lifecycle and health of the business

“We would not have been able to work during the pandemic without the software that Eide Bailly built for us.

- Eddie Knuth | Director of Finance, Cheerleading Company

Cheerleading saw the initial value of their Salesforce implementation and opted to build their entire workflow in the Salesforce platform. Backed by Eide Bailly’s deep Salesforce, ERP, integration, and business process knowledge, the Cheerleading Company team is now equipped with the technology they need to scale, market, and operate to the highest standard.

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