Integrating Salesforce for Fluid Form

Case Study

Freemotion Fitness

Freemotion Fitness, the commercial and specialty division of ICON Health & Fitness, has built their business around the power of movement. Designing, manufacturing, and selling high-end fitness machines for commercial clubs and gyms, they know function and form.

But when they needed help integrating their Salesforce instance, they came to us.

Having purchased Salesforce in 2014, they were running on a CRM without much function. For years, their Salesforce org was operating in parallel with their in-house systems. This caused a lot of inaccurate information, difficult reporting, data silos, and multiple data entry processes that were inefficient and holding their team back.

The Power of Salesforce Integration

Our customers are finding us easy to work with, which is our whole goal.

- Dan Dustin | Operations Manager, Freemotion Fitness

So our team stepped in to help.

We started by first understanding ICON and Freemotion’s business processes. Integrating Salesforce with ICON’s in-house database was just one piece of their integration needs. We also helped them simplify their forecasting, quoting, and shipping processes using Salesforce.

When Eide Bailly came in and explained the way they work and their processes of gathering the information before they ever began, we knew that Eide Bailly was a good resource and a great third-party to implement Salesforce for us.

The result?

A functional Salesforce CRM with the power to move their business.

What we’re seeing now is a lot more controlled conversations with customers. Our forecast has increased. We’ve seen a lot more communication from the outside team to the inside team via quotes and just the recorded data with the customer. And our customers are finding us easy to work with, which is our whole goal.

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  • Logan, Utah


  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce CPQ Quoting
  • Revenova Integration, Freight and Shipping Logistics
  • Integration with In-House Systems


  • Increased Forecasting
  • Better, More Informed Customer Service
  • Improved Quoting Ability in the Field
  • Cross-team Collaboration