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How Coleman Powersports Revved Up Their Growth with NetSuite and RF-Smart

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Coleman Powersports
Coleman PowersportsTempe, AZ

Coleman Powersports is a leading wholesale supplier of outdoor recreational vehicles based in Tempe, Arizona. The company started in 2010 with a handful of employees and a simple accounting solution.

Over the next decade, Coleman experienced incredible growth as big brand retailers started picking up their products. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and more Americans turned to outdoor recreation closer to home, the demand for Coleman vehicles reached a new high. In addition, the company expanded its production facilities to include a factory in Minnesota, creating the need for a consolidated system that could accommodate accounting, as well as assembly.


  • Improved inventory management
  • Streamlined supply chain
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Integrated data insights
  • Automated workflows
  • Reduction of human error

The Challenge

A growing business requires a strong system.

As Coleman Powersports expanded from a single location with a small team to a national operation with global supplies, the company quickly outgrew QuickBooks as its accounting software solution. Their business expanded and became more complex, involving international supply chains, multiple locations, a large network of retailers, and a new service department. 

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Exponential growth leading to insufficient systems
    yellow 2
    Poor supply chain visibility
      yellow 3
      Inefficient warehouse processes

        The Solution

        A tailored solution built for manufacturing.

        Our team migrated Coleman Powersports from Quickbooks to NetSuite, and enabled them to continue to scale by implementing additional NetSuite features like advanced warehouse management, work orders and assembly, and payroll.  

        Additionally, Coleman found NetSuite’s native integration with RF-Smart to pick, pack, and ship to be perfectly suited for their warehousing operation. As the company’s selection of vehicles and configurations grows, the automated system helps generate insights into assembly builds. 


        The Results

        A custom, scalable solution designed to support growth.

        Coleman is now in a position to realize its growth ambitions and accurately respond to the new market demand for its products. Their new system helps minimize the risk of human error, and custom searches and alerts help the team address any issues before they become critical.

        Now, less time is spent tracking down shipments and more time is spent fulfilling orders. 

        Managers have a clear view of the entire supply chain, which helps facilitate accurate stock planning to fulfill purchase orders. During disruptive global events, NetSuite helps provide transparency into costs as freight and tariffs fluctuate.

        Third-party vendors can access their own portals for parts, invoices, and more to help keep track of the service process. For customers, the NetSuite engine allows for dynamic updates on the work being done.

        Due to the highly scalable nature of NetSuite, Coleman Powersports can seamlessly grow its team with new user licenses. Designed to be secure, NetSuite allows management to adjust user permissions to help employees focus on the tasks and data that are most relevant to their duties. Integrating all aspects of the business, from the service department to the shop floor, has helped create a more transparent and efficient organization.


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