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First Care Health Center Works with Eide Bailly to Navigate the CAH Environment


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First Care Health Center
First Care Health CenterPark River, ND

First Care Health Center is an award-winning Critical Access Hospital (CAH) in Park River, North Dakota. From booking and billing to physician care and follow-up, First Care takes pride in providing professional care with a personal touch.

Since 2009, First Care has partnered with Eide Bailly to navigate the complex healthcare environment. From tax and audit work to Medicare cost reporting, price transparency, and hands-on CFO training, Eide Bailly supports First Care with CAH-focused business and financial guidance.


  • Ongoing CFO support, training, and resources
  • Continued regulatory compliance and timely filings
  • Guidance turning insight into action to improve operations
  • CFO-level support for making data-driven decisions
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The Challenge

The rural healthcare environment is complex and difficult to navigate.

The regulatory guidelines CAHs must follow demand strict compliance in reporting and auditing; however, it takes specialized expertise to turn the information from these reports and audits into useful data that can aid in creating more efficient operations.

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CAHs operate in a highly regulated and nuanced environment.
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    The rural health landscape requires CAHs to do more with less.
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      First Care Health Center needed help establishing their new CFO in her role.

        The Solution

        First Care Health Center has looked to Eide Bailly for healthcare guidance for over a decade.

        In addition to tax, audit, cost reporting, and price transparency, Eide Bailly worked with First Care Health Center to establish the role of their new CFO, Nina Hollingsworth. “Eide Bailly goes above and beyond, and is continuing to go above and beyond, even day-to-day as I continue to work through what I’m still learning,” says Nina.

        The Results

        First Care Health Center can focus on their patients, knowing that Eide Bailly is focusing on the business.

        CEO Marcus Lewis relies on Eide Bailly for more than just accounting. Marcus says, “When we look internally and say, ‘How do we do that?’ and we can’t find the answer, our next course of action is to call Eide Bailly.”


        We focus on the business of your healthcare organization so you can focus on your patients.
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