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Cutting Waste and Sustaining Growth: Bio Huma Netics

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BioHumaNetics Incorporated
Bio Huma NeticsGilbert, AZ

Founded in 1973, Bio Huma Netics, Inc. (BHN) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of fertilizers and humic substances. The company’s international client base includes companies in agriculture, mining, and wastewater industries, as well as a large network of distributors of its proprietary solutions. For three generations, BHN has built a family-oriented culture where employees feel valued, resulting in very little turnover and high job satisfaction. The company takes pride in investigating, innovating, implementing, and improving the use of humic substances as true biostimulants in hopes of creating a better tomorrow.


  • Significant reduction in inventory count time
  • POS improvement for enhanced access and visibility to critical business data
  • Ability to scale and grow into new markets
  • Automated workflows to save time and reduce human error
  • Streamlined manufacturing controls and processes for increased operational efficiency
  • Single source of truth for managing the business and making informed decisions

The Challenge

As they grew, BHN found their software couldn’t scale with them.

As the manufacturing operation grew and new brands were brought into the franchise, BHN found themselves with a wide range of different software solutions that were only designed for specific purposes.

Over time, these solutions eventually met their limitations in terms of scalability, and the disconnected nature of the systems meant that data began to accumulate in silos. In addition, certain processes, such as inventory counts, had become increasingly time-consuming, taking up to several days to complete. At this point, it was becoming clear that some degree of automation and streamlining was needed if the organization was to continue their growth path and expand into new markets.

Due to the complex nature of their manufacturing operation, which relied on highly specialized processes and recipes, Bio Huma Netics was looking for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that would accommodate all facets of the operation, from accounting to manufacturing and quality control.

yellow 1
The accumulation of different software, each designed for a single purpose
    yellow 2
    Unscalable, disconnected systems resulting in data silos
      yellow 3
      Time-consuming manual processes

        The Solution

        A tailored solution built for manufacturing.

        Our team designed customized solution for BHN with NetSuite for Manufacturing and RF-SMART, a built-for-NetSuite inventory management solution. For the complex nature of the organization’s products, which involve proprietary recipes and components, NetSuite’s expanded manufacturing capabilities keep track of relevant documentation, control permissions, and specialized tasks.  

        The Results

        A Custom, Scalable Solution Designed to Support Growth

        The solution has allowed the BHN team to drastically reduce their inventory count time from three days to a few hours by leveraging automated processes and new barcode scanning solutions. 

        This helps free up time and resources for the team to focus on other aspects of the operations, rather than manual data collection. In addition, the automated features of NetSuite ERP and the warehouse management system has greatly reduced the risk of human error.

        As an added benefit, the customizable nature of NetSuite ERP has made it easy to integrate newly acquired subsidiaries post-implementation. BHN not only received an optimized solution that met its unique business needs but also enhanced business processes to allow the company to scale and remain competitive.

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