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Customizing NetSuite for e-Commerce success

Kuru Shoes

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KuruSalt Lake City, Utah

Based in Salt Lake City and founded in 2005, Kuru Footwear is a footwear brand that designs and manufactures their products for sale exclusively online.


  • Anywhere, anytime cloud access to key data
  • Customized order processing and fulfillment
  • Improved visibility and reporting
  • Robust inventory and supply chain management
  • Efficiency savings paid for NetSuite customizations

Watch to see how Eide Bailly helped KURU successfully implement NetSuite.

The Challenge

Quickbooks was unable to keep up with Kuru’s growth.

KURU Footwear’s growth was creating a strain on their accounting software. Craig Rasmussen, CFO at KURU said, “We used QuickBooks until we got to the point where we had grown so large — and our rate of growth was such — that we had to come up with something that was going to sustain who we were as a company for many years.”

The Solution

A cloud ERP built for growth.

As an innovative e-Commerce business, KURU looked for cloud ERP as the next step in their accounting. After narrowing their solution to NetSuite, KURU was put in touch with our team at Eide Bailly who provided a customized solution and implementation.

The Results

A forward-looking partner and solution.

With customized robust inventory management and order processing automation, KURU was able to pay for their NetSuite implementation and customization costs in the first year through efficiency savings alone. “We had never been through an implementation of any system of substance so we didn’t know what we didn’t know. And that’s why we had to make the right partner selection. To make sure that we had somebody who would understand who we are, know what NetSuite could do for us, and marry those two and get us the best implementation.” - Craig Rasmussen, CFO | KURU Footwear

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