Critical Access Hospital Gets Specialized Treatment from Eide Bailly

Case Study

Critical access hospitals represent more than 2/3 of all rural hospitals. Established by the U.S. Congress to help ensure rural communities had close access to emergency care, the small size and rural location present unique challenges: offering high-quality care while also managing its operation in today’s fast-paced, digital age. Greater Regional Health, a critical access hospital serving the Southwest Iowa community of Creston and the surrounding area, has faced its challenges, specifically concerning the software used to manage its operation. These challenges led Greater Regional to evaluate its current situation and ultimately identify a solution. Eide Bailly facilitated the selection and implementation of that solution.

“Eventually, we realized our outdated systems were the cause of our inefficiency and, ultimately, were hindering our entire operation. We knew that we needed to do something about it, so we started to look for a solution that could replace the outdated ones and a consulting firm that could help us make the right choice.”

Lisa Wilkinson | Director of Accounting-Controller, Greater Regional

Key Challenges

  • Managing steady growth with outdated systems
  • Inefficiencies due to systems installed many years ago
  • Unnecessary strain and stress on staff

The Eide Bailly and NetSuite Difference

After reviewing the hospital’s operation and objectives, Eide Bailly recommended using NetSuite, as it could be tailored to Greater Regional’s critical access operation. Beginning with a review process featuring regularly scheduled visits and meetings to ensure the scope of work, Eide Bailly conducted a complete review of Greater Regional’s accounts payable system and vendor list. Eide Bailly recommended NetSuite Advanced Financials and Reporting to replace several outdated systems. Eide Bailly then worked hand in hand with Greater Regional, helping them understand how to migrate the data from their dated systems to NetSuite.

Efficiency Gains

Greater Regional has experienced 10% to 15% growth in revenue over the last two years. In addition, the hospital has added six new departments to better serve the surrounding community – all without increasing staff.

With NetSuite now in place, additional efficiency gains are being realized, including:

Operational Improvements

Operational improvements around managing fixed assets, amortization, inventory, and other parts of the operation are now realized with NetSuite.

Monthly department reports

Monthly department reports that would typically require significant manual intervention to complete over 10 days can now be completed and distributed automatically in 1 day.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is significantly easier with NetSuite. Everything is now being managed electronically, with reviews and approvals done digitally.


Allowing department heads and hospital leadership to be more strategic because they are no longer bogged down with the tactical and manual work from the older system.

Payment System

New payment systems are now utilizing ACH through NetSuite. No more manual checks or spreadsheets.

While Greater Regional is a critical access hospital serving a relatively small, rural community, the efficiency gains experienced by working with Eide Bailly during its NetSuite implementation are indicative of larger hospitals in more populated areas.

Read more about the custom solution we created for Greater Regional Health.

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Critical Access Hospitals Revenue Cycle Services


  • Creston, IA


  • NetSuite


  • Improved operations that helped eliminate outdated systems
  • Automated department reports and reduced human error
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Streamlined inventory management completed quickly and digitally
  • Reduced time spent on manual tasks and processes
  • New paperless payment system