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How a Senior Living Provider Unlocked Critical Data and Enabled Remote Work: Edgewood Healthcare

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Edgewood Healthcare
Edgewood HealthcareNorth Dakota 

Since 1988, Edgewood Healthcare has been committed to preserving the independence and quality of life for seniors. As a senior living community provider serving the upper Midwest region, Edgewood employs over 2,700 people and operates more than 60 independent living, assisted living and memory care communities with more than 4,000 beds across seven states in the region. In addition, Edgewood has also expanded its services to include therapy, home health and hospice.


  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Instant access and visibility to critical business data
  • Significant time savings with fast and accurate reporting analytics
  • Ability to scale and add new locations with ease
  • Easy transition to remote work
  • Decrease in number of in-house accounting FTEs
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The Challenge

As Edgewood grew from managing a single location in North Dakota to 64 communities across seven states, the company was quickly reaching the limitations of its legacy accounting software.

Accessing financial data for different locations and entities required logging in and out of separate books, resulting in hours of manual work just to generate regular reports. The team then relied on makeshift solutions including overly complicated spreadsheets that were hard to maintain, offered very little visibility, and resulted in plenty of overtime.

One of the biggest factors for consideration was finding a solution that could meet the strict regulations for the storage and processing of protected health information as laid out by HIPAA.

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Time spent on manual processes
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    Lack of visibility due to siloed data and disparate systems
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      Need for a HIPAA-compliant solution

        The Solution

        A scalable solution offering streamlined operations

         Our team helped Edgewood evaluate five different ERP solutions. After comparing features and benefits, they decided on NetSuite ERP with customizations and select third-party solutions to meet their specific requirements. This unique configuration would allow Edgewood to continue to use it’s Electronic Medical Record System by structuring their data and permissions to be compliant with all applicable privacy laws.

        The solution designed by our team included NetLease to seamlessly integrate with the NetSuite dashboard to provide additional lease accounting features. This scalable solution is designed to manage the complete lease lifecycle for organizations with numerous complex leases with the same drill-down capabilities and visibility that users expect from NetSuite.

        In addition, Solution 7 makes it easy to generate financial reports in Microsoft Excel based on NetSuite data. This solution helps sales and finance employees who are already familiar with Excel get access to the same real-time data as NetSuite users with little to no training.

        The Results

        Along with NetSuite’s native capabilities and business management tools, these integrated solutions drastically shortened the time it took for Edgewood to generate their financial reporting.

        Whereas certain tasks used to take half a week to complete, accurate and streamlined reports where now available at the click of a button.

        When Timing Matters
        Shortly after go-live, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a series of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders across the country. In order to transition employees to remote work and maintain productivity, many businesses were rushing to adopt new technologies.

        But due to NetSuite’s cloud-enabled platform, Edgewood’s staff was able to seamlessly transition to remote work, something that would not have been possible using their former legacy, on-site platform.

        Powering Healthcare Efficiency
        Edgewood has been able to streamline its operation and divert resources from its accounting department to other business functions. Now, detailed metrics and reports can instantly be generated by the finance department, helping the company leadership make informed decisions based on real-time data. And, following the successful implementation, our team has continued to provide ongoing support and consulting services to Edgewood.

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