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Customer experience is today’s currency, no matter what your industry or market. We can build you a tailored CRM with your customers, users and growth in mind. Our proven implementation approach focuses on good data, integrated workflows and a thorough understanding of your key business processes to ensure your CRM is built to help your team excel.

The Benefits of Salesforce CRM  

  • When all your key business information is stored and managed in one place, you gain better understanding of your customer experience. With full views to your customer data, you can sell smarter, service faster, and market easier. Additionally, you will be able to improve efficiency with Salesforce’s Einstein forecasting, allowing you to make data-driven decisions that grow your business.
  • Salesforce eliminates silos by enabling visibility and easy access to data across the entire organization. This means that your team can collaborate more efficiently, resulting in a better customer and team experience. Salesforce CRM puts the customer at the center of your data so that you can make data-driven decisions not only in sales and marketing but also in customer service and support. With your entire team across all departments seeing a holistic view of the customer relationship, you’ll be better positioned to anticipate customer needs and drive growth.
  • And because Salesforce is based in the cloud, your team has access to all of your customer data anywhere, anytime. This also eliminates the headache and cost of purchasing, storing and maintaining physical hardware and having to manually perform updates.   

Tailored to You
Salesforce is a completely customizable tool that can be implemented by small businesses and international corporations alike. We can build you a tailored CRM with your customers, users, and growth in mind. And as your organization grows, Salesforce will grow right along with you.

Customization and integration experience is key to getting your best Salesforce implementation. Without it, you’re simply using the shell of a tool with no real substance—but it’ll come with a substantial licensing cost nonetheless.

Our Salesforce team will learn about your business, your challenges, and your plan for the future so we can design a customized solution that will take your business to the next level. We have a proven track record implementing customized solutions, including:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Field Service Lightning (FSL)
  • Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

In addition, Salesforce’s AppExchange has an endless array of add-on applications built specifically for Salesforce. We can also help you integrate all of your business systems for a seamless experience.

Future-Focused Innovation
Removing friction from your sales cycle and providing an exceptional customer experience requires a deliberate focus on your business data. This is something that Salesforce knows and understands. Over the last several years, Salesforce has made a number of strategic investments and acquisitions to position themselves well in the data space. From acquiring Tableau—a leading data visualization software—to recently investing in data sharing solution Snowflake, the cloud giant knows that good data is the future of success.

When it comes to your organization, picking Salesforce means that you are investing in a solution that will continue to innovate, integrate, and adapt for the future of your business.

Mastering the Customer Success Platform


Sell better, faster, and smarter


Build a customer-centric service model


Connect in a shared digital space for your team, your customers, or your vendors


Personalize your message on any channel


Develop faster on the Salesforce cloud platform


Streamline your Opportunity to Revenue flow with quoting automation


Sync your back-office data and other business tools to Salesforce for complete views


Use clicks – not code – to speed up productivity


Deliver the best on-site service experience

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The Importance of Implementation

Transitioning your business to Salesforce is a big investment, and it’s important to make sure it’s done not only right, but also on time and on budget. The technology itself can only take you so far—it’s the implementation that makes or breaks your ROI. We have many clients that have come to us thinking there is an issue with their technology, when the fact is the technology was just poorly implemented. Our proven methods will make sure your implementation is done right the first time.

Eide Bailly has been a trusted Salesforce partner since 2009 and is recognized as a leader in Salesforce consulting, implementations, and development. Our team has successfully completed nearly 2,000 Salesforce projects with a 5-Star rating on AppExchange. You can trust our team to transform how you use Salesforce CRM.

Flexible Integrations

One of the most trusted approaches to maximizing the return on your Salesforce investment is to integrate it across your business.

Eide Bailly’s extensive experience implementing and integrating complex business systems will be your organization’s advantage. Our firm’s 100-year background as CPAs paired with our deep compliance and technology expertise means that we understand how to functionally integrate your CRM to your other core business systems at every level of your operations. Our team has developed standards-based recommendations and best practices that streamline your business and achieve real results.

From integrating Salesforce with your ERP for true quote-to-cash visibility to direct database and API integrations, our team’s consultant-first approach and holistic business approach will make the difference to your Salesforce experience.

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Future Development

Implementing Salesforce CRM can yield impressive results, but in order for it to be truly transformative for your business, you need to have a long-term plan. You need to keep a clear focus on realizing a return on your investment and increasing the platform’s value over time. Changing needs mean that your Salesforce implementation is not—and should not be—over after your initial roll-out.

Your core business systems should be reviewed on a regular cycle to make sure that they are still aligned with your organizational objectives. Our team of experienced Salesforce consultants will help you design a proactive, value-driven technology strategy for your CRM. You’ll be left with a roadmap for the future so you see a return on your investment for years to come.

Long-Term Success

At Eide Bailly, we view our client relationships as long-term partnerships. Our work isn’t done when your project goes live.

Our team is here to help ensure your organization’s success and adoption on your new CRM. We build in user training and support as part of our project closing process. From managed services support to ongoing optimization and development, Eide Bailly is your trusted Salesforce partner for the long haul.

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Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Learn more about the role Salesforce plays in your data strategy.

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