Trying to figure out the numbers portion of your business can be complicated and complex. It’s also critical to your success and growth.

You’ve built a business and made your dream a reality. But when it comes to the financial and accounting aspects of your business, you’re at a loss. You know you need good numbers to help your business operate, strategically grow and—frankly—survive. But what if you don’t have that type of understanding?

Proper accounting is critical to your success and growth. You need solid, up-to-date numbers for bank financing, investor relationships, tax purposes … the list goes on.

If you ignore the numbers, you can cause serious damage. Outsourcing these critical business functions can help you become aware of your current financial state and future growth opportunities, all while freeing up time, so you can focus on what really matters—your business.

Benefits of Outsourced Accounting Services

Outsourced accounting can significantly improve the way your business operates. Companies that invest in accounting services, outsourced consulting, and other services to navigate the ins and outs of their finances set a benchmark for future growth.

Finance outsourcing services offer a broad set of benefits, including:

  • Cost Savings – Hiring an internal accounting team requires a considerable investment, including hiring costs, onboarding, full-time salaries, employee benefits packages, and ongoing training. Outsourcing your accounting functions to a trusted firm can save you six figures in the long-term.
  • Time Savings – Avoid spending months hiring and training employees. Not all accounting and financial services warrant making a full-time hire. Choosing Eide Bailly financial service outsourcing enables you to access the expertise you need, when you need it.
  • Efficiency – Connecting with an outsourced accounting and finance expert frees up your time and resources. Redirect your efforts to critical business areas to support growth and expansion.
  • Business Continuity – We are always on hand to act at a moment’s notice. You’ll no longer need to worry about covering periods of absence due to holidays and sickness. Our team is ready to assist when you need it most.
  • Flexibility – Scale your finance outsourcing services according to where your business is now. Get accounting services, outsourced consulting, and more based on your current standing and future goals.
  • Access Better Tools – Equip your business with better tools and support while keeping your overheads minimal. Your Eide Bailly accountant brings advanced tools and in-depth expertise without the additional cost.
  • Engage with Fresh Thinkers – Outsourcing in financial services helps to deliver new perspectives to rejuvenate your accounting functions. Take advantage of a professional with the experience to revolutionize how you approach financial challenges.
  • Business Intelligence – Adopt new processes and harness the power of more efficient financial planning from a team that understands the broader business landscape. Break through traditional corporate silos and give yourself a competitive advantage with superior business intelligence.

Why You Need a Trusted Advisor to Outsource Your Accounting

Your financial data tells a story (though it’s expressed in numbers rather than words) about where your business has been, where your business is currently and where it has the potential to go in the future.

But what happens if you don't understand it? After all, numbers can be aggravating and frustrating and probably aren't the reason you got into business.

You need sound financial data to make good business decisions. Your accounting professionals should be able to help. They’ll work with you to find out where you’re making money and losing money. Plus, they’ll ensure you have the financial data necessary to make the right decisions for your business. Otherwise, you’re just taking a shot in the dark.

Why Choose Eide Bailly to Outsource Your Accounting

You know your business, we know the numbers. Our team loves taking the burden of accounting and finance functions away so you can dream about what's possible for your business.

We provide outsourced accounting, including bookkeeping, high-level financial knowledge, payroll, CFO expertise and more. Our services provide you with insight and foresight into your business, allowing you to avoid sharp turns and potholes along the way.

From one-time projects to continuous on-call help, our team of strategic CFOs and financial consultants can help you make the most of your next business venture, set yourself up for growth and plan for what’s ahead.

Plus, we do it with cloud-based accounting systems, so you have real-time data access every step of the way. Have a system you already love? We can use that to deliver valuable information when you need it most. Our goal is to give you the high-level financial guidance you need, no matter where you are in your business.

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Outsourced and Managed Services

Outsourced Accounting Services FAQs

Financial services outsourcing has the power to change the face of your organization. When you outsource financial services, you commit to developing upgraded processes with the potential to supercharge your brand. If you are unsure whether outsourcing your accounts is right for you, here are the answers to some of the most common questions.

What does an outsourced accountant do?

An outsourced accountant is equipped to handle all things regarding your business financials. Eide Bailly is one of the top 25 accountancy firms in the country. Our CPAs can handle everything from basic accounting functions to representing you in an IRS audit.

We can also identify growth opportunities, assess the viability of future investments, and even help you restructure your overseas outposts.

Is it cheaper to outsource accounting?

Third-party accounting services, outsourced financial consultancy, and other outsourced financial functions are almost always cheaper than hiring an internal team.

While the hourly rate of finance and accounting outsourcing is higher, the difference is that you only pay for the services you need — with no downtime. You are not taking on the costs of hiring, training, benefits, and salaries.

Finance accounting services via a third-party firm will save your business in the long-term.

Will I lose control of my business if I outsource my accounting?

Never. Accounting services outsourced are the same as hiring an independent contractor to design your website. You maintain 100% control of every decision and sign off on every detail.

You decide when vendors are paid, which direction your business moves, and whether you accept recommendations made by your CPA. Your accountant performs the same functions as an internal accountant without the obligations and expenses of recruiting a full-time professional.

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