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Alliance Partition Systems Turns to Eide Bailly for Business and Accounting Expertise in the Construction Industry

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Alliance Partition Systems
Alliance Partition SystemsArlington, Washington

Alliance Partition Systems (APS), is a steel stud framing and drywall contractor located in the Northwest United States. Founded in 2007 by longtime carpenter Mike Powers, the relationship-based company is built on a foundation of authenticity, passion, and leadership. Relationships play such a vital role at APS that when Mike’s bonding agent recommended reaching out to Eide Bailly for business and financial advice, he didn’t hesitate.

Since the relationship began in 2015, Eide Bailly has provided specialized expertise to support the company’s growth, including providing CFO-level financial guidance using data-driven reports, developing an accounting team, ensuring clean and accurate financials, and using industry knowledge to provide guidance in all areas of the business.


  • Industry accounting and reporting knowledge
  • Clean and accurate financials
  • A full accounting team trained by industry specialists
  • CFO-level support for making data-driven decisions
  • Benefited from available R&D tax credits
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The Challenge

Alliance Partition Systems’ growth brought challenges their former CPA firm couldn’t solve.

As the business grew to a $50 million company, so did their financial needs. Mike, a construction industry native, was acting as his own bookkeeper, making it difficult to acquire a bond. Accounting in the construction industry is nuanced, and Mike needed a partner that could provide specialized expertise and be there to support the growth of his company.

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DIY financials made it hard to work with banks and bonding agents.
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    Former CPA lacked construction industry accounting expertise.
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      Lack of resources to support APS’s incredible growth.

        The Solution

        Alliance Partition Systems looked to Eide Bailly as a trusted business advisor to support growth.

        Mike and Eide Bailly have worked together to build an accounting team at Alliance Partition Systems. They meet every month to go over the financials and custom reports that give Mike better visibility into operations. Today, Mike has a trifecta of partnerships—his banker, his bonding agent, and Eide Bailly—that he credits for his success.

        The Results

        Since Mike started working with Eide Bailly, his company has grown from $5 million to $50 million.

        Eide Bailly provides resources and guidance to support that growth. APS now has a full accounting department that has been trained by Eide Bailly to understand the intricacies of the construction industry. APS’s monthly WIP sheet, which once took hours, now takes a few seconds to create with Eide Bailly’s custom reporting. The reports also give the team visibility into workflow so they can make timely strategic decisions.

        According to Mike, “Eide Bailly is our CFO. It really hasn’t even come up as a thought to need a CFO—Eide Bailly provides that in full.”


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