Improve Sales Efficiency and Forecasting with Salesforce


Sales efficiency and pipeline health are top-of-mind for many business leaders today. With many customers delaying purchase commitments due to the current economy, selling has become increasingly challenging. But waiting for ideal selling conditions to return is not an option, the only solution is to adapt your existing sales approach. As organizations everywhere attempt to adjust to the new normal following the spread of COVID-19 and resulting market shifts, everyone is trying to do more with less. 

4 Ways to Save Money and Improve Efficiency During Uncertain Times

Six Steps to Sell More During a Recession

The businesses that continue to successfully sell during this time do so by employing the right tools and have the know-how to leverage them effectively. Adapting your sales strategy starts with focusing on the right opportunities. It requires visibility to keep your team members accountable. These six steps will prepare your team to be successful in today’s difficult selling environment. You can sell your way out of this downturn, and these sales steps will help.

  • Focus: Identify customers that are most likely to purchase from you. By targeting your ideal buyers and top-tier customers, you can generate quality interest instead of spinning your wheels.
  • Assign: Make sure each member of your sales team knows who they are personally responsible for and hold them accountable. Implement a comprehensive Activity tracking process in your CRM and tie actions to a Campaign for easy reporting.
  • Message: Update your organization’s messaging and content to be relevant in today’s market conditions. What does your ideal buyer care about? What are their top concerns? 
  • Effort: Ensure each member of your team is involved and completing enough sales activity to reach your sales goals. Salesforce reports and dashboards are a great way to measure progress and efforts.
  • Track: Implement forecasting and other sales metrics that make it very clear to the whole team if the organization is on pace with your set goals. As the saying goes, what gets measured, gets managed. Use your data to ensure your managing to the right areas.
  • Support: Increase your sales efficiency and effectiveness through real-time coaching and participation in sales calls, deals, and strategy sessions. Regular stand-ups are a great internal tactic to keep everyone on the same page and moving forward in the same direction.

Improve Sales Efficiency With Forecasting

In addition to increased communication and visibility, sales forecasting is a very effective way to develop a plan when conditions are unclear. Using sales forecasting reduces uncertainty and leads to increased responsiveness. It also acts as a mitigation measure by highlighting potential problem areas proactively. Using data to uncover obstacles makes them easier to avoid. Additionally, sales forecasting makes decision making easier by aggregating pertinent data. Sales leaders can feel more confident about the direction they are leading their team because they’re making data-backed decisions. 

Salesforce + Tableau + Snowflake = A Data Win

However, in order to generate and interpret sales forecasts accurately, you need the right tools. Salesforce’s Einstein Forecasting leverages AI technology to improve forecast accuracy, predict results, and track your sales team’s performance. This tool is available in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience with the Sales Cloud Einstein license.  

Einstein Forecasting generates a prediction trend graph, calculates the median predicted amount for each manager’s team, and then provides a performance summary graph to visualize goal completion. Plus, Einstein Forecasting populates these key performance indicators to drive sales results:

  • Einstein Prediction: Salesforce Einstein’s forecast prediction for your sales team’s deals this month.
  • Prediction to Quota Gap: The difference between Einstein’s prediction and your current sales quota, so you can “manage to the gap” effectively.
  • Closed to Quota Gap: The difference between your team’s closed deals and their current sales quota.

Overview of Sales Forecasting and Territory Management in Salesforce

Sales forecasting can feel complicated, which is why most businesses work with consultants to ensure their investment is implemented and used correctly by their organization. As a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner, Eide Bailly can provide guidance on how to implement and maintain sales automation systems and processes so you can navigate COVID with confidence. 

7 Reasons to Work With a Salesforce Consultant

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