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The right team can save you time and money in working with the IRS.

Have you received a notice from the IRS regarding your taxes? Are you looking for assistance navigating an IRS examination, appeal or tax court settlement?  Finding the right professional to help analyze and support your position with appropriate documentation can be challenging. All you want is to be back in business, in compliance and have the IRS off your back. You're not alone. Many businesses and individuals are audited by the IRS and need to handle disputed tax issues. Developing a plan that mitigates risk and operating disruptions, not to mention your frustration associated with the audit process, is key. 

Our team understands the IRS, applicable tax laws, IRS interpretations and the consequences that decisions today have on your case in the future. We will help build the best case that supports your position and assist you in navigating the examination process, including pre-filing representation and assistance, finding solutions and working to prevent or abate penalties.

In the midst of an exam with the IRS and not sure what to do? Ask us a question and our professionals will provide some insight.

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Ben J. Peeler

Partner-in-Charge of IRS Tax Controversy Services


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