Transfer Pricing


Fair, consistent transfers can create both compliance and lower taxes.

Multinational businesses set their own intercompany pricing related to the sale of goods, technical services, management services, licensing or sales of software, as well as the licensing or sale of other intellectual property. However, there are tax regulations that must be complied with when determining the appropriate pricing. A proactive transfer pricing policy can help your business minimize compliance risk and potentially reduce its global tax rate by making sure you are handling your transfers fairly and consistently. It's also a good defense against the IRS when they question your intercompany transactions.


A transfer pricing policy that fits your situation will often need:

- Planning

- Benchmarking

- Documentation

- Training

Our experienced international tax professionals can help you understand global transfer pricing considerations while minimizing related risks, helping you have a beneficial transfer pricing policy in place. As a member of HLB International, we utilize a global network of firms to help create tax-efficient transfer pricing policies.

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