Global expansion is full of complex decisions, and the international tax considerations are no exception.

Doing business internationally can be complicated, and setting your business up for success includes being mindful of creating a tax efficient model at the outset. Whether you are just starting or have an established multinational business, an experienced advisor can help you make confident decisions in these areas.

How International Tax Can Help
Inbound International Tax Planning
Is your company planning an expansion into the U.S.? Understanding how U.S. tax regulations apply to your operation and your employees allows you to maximize profitability and ensure compliance.

Expanding in a tax-efficient manner requires deep knowledge of U.S. tax laws to help you minimize your tax liability and confidently enter the U.S. market.

An experienced professional can help you with:

  • Tax-efficient structuring
  • Double tax treaty planning
  • Global mobility planning and compliance
  • U.S. tax reporting for foreign-owned companies and branch operations
  • Assistance with obtaining U.S. EINs for new entities
  • U.S. taxable presence (permanent establishment) assessment
  • Foreign Investment in Real Property Act (FIRPTA)
  • Earning stripping
  • Branch profits tax
  • Mergers & Acquisitions planning

Outbound International Tax Planning
Are you considering international expansion for your U.S. business? Your best international companions are knowledge and experience. Understanding how foreign and U.S. tax regulations apply to your multinational operation and your employees allows you to maximize profitability, minimize tax liability and ensure compliance.

Expanding in a tax-efficient manner requires deep knowledge of international tax rules and regulations, as well as access to international partners that can help address your unanswered questions.

Individual International Tax Planning
Working internationally can be overwhelming and confusing when you consider details such as your international tax filing obligations. Completing tax returns in both your home and host country, preparing and reviewing tax equalization, tax protection, tax reconciliation calculations, tax planning considerations and information on international tax treaties can consume your time. A dedicated team of professionals who understand international tax rules and regulations can help you comply, so you can focus on the excitement of working abroad.

Why You Need an International Tax Advisor
When working globally, it can be difficult to stay informed of changing rules and regulations, especially in a foreign country. Specific expertise, including language fluency, in the countries where you operate and/or have sales can help ease the burden and the headaches of determining the right course of action.

Eide Bailly will connect you with the relevant people and information you need to help your company stay in compliance and aware of the constantly changing international tax landscape. Our international tax professionals not only deliver exceptional service through their own expertise and experience, they also have access to a global network of CPA firms through our membership in HLB Global. We can tap the knowledge of top accounting and tax professionals in the countries and cultures where you do business to help you achieve success.

What We Offer

Why Choose Eide Bailly as Your International Tax Advisor
Eide Bailly is dedicated to helping businesses expand and grow internationally. We’ll help you manage the complexities and chart a path forward for your international operations.

Inbound International Tax Planning

Our experienced international tax professionals can help you understand the U.S. tax landscape before your business enters the market and will help you carry out your plans efficiently. We help you manage your international tax position, ensure legal compliance and maximize profitability.

Outbound International Tax Planning

International expansion of your business comes with concerns, including:

  • Tax-efficient structuring
  • Tax deferral
  • IP and supply chain, disposition, acquisition and entity rationalization
  • Double tax treaty planning
  • Joint ventures
  • Foreign tax credits and currency transactions
  • Earnings and profit analysis
  • Expatriate taxes
  • FBAR and FATCA reporting or Offshore Voluntary Compliance

Eide Bailly’s experienced international tax professionals will work closely with you to understand your goals and ensure you are connected to the information and resources you need to comprehend the tax landscape wherever you want to do business.

Offshore Voluntary Disclosure

An international tax professional can help you submit information and report on your foreign financial accounts through the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program. We’ll help you identify benefits and affects as well as penalties and requirements of the program.

Transfer Pricing

Our experienced international tax professionals can help you understand global transfer pricing considerations while minimizing related risks, helping you have a beneficial transfer pricing policy in place. As a member of HLB, we utilize a global network of firms to help create tax-efficient transfer pricing policies.

U.S. Export Tax Incentives

Our experienced international tax professionals will work with you to find out if your business qualifies for IC-DISC or Foreign Derived Intangible Income (FDII) incentives and help you establish the proper structure. We can also assist in providing the underlying calculations and tax return compliance services.

International Business Services

Eide Bailly's professionals are well-versed in international business and can provide accounting outsourcing, technology consulting and auditing in addition to tax services.  And our international resources extend beyond our doors, so we can connect you with professionals worldwide through the HLB network.

Global Mobility Programs

Our experienced international tax professionals can assist global mobility programs by offering a broad range of inbound and outbound international tax services. We help you and your employees prepare for and stay in compliance with international tax rules and regulations when working abroad, so you can focus on growing your business, not tax forms.

Foreign Trust Compliance & Estate Planning

Individuals and businesses alike are impacted by international trust rules and regulations, so it’s important to know where you stand. We have the expertise to help simplify your trust reporting requirements and plan for international estate opportunities.

Featured Insights

Planning minimizes your global tax burden.

With advice, guidance and strategy, international expansion and business operations don’t have to be a headache.