Create your global mobility strategy for your global workforce with the help of trusted advisors.

Managing your global mobility program is a challenging task. You're charged with ensuring the seamless relocation of employees, corporate integration, managing corporate and personal tax regulations and laws in multiple tax jurisdictions, and answering employee questions about working internationally—among many other things.

Our experienced international tax professionals assist with developing a global mobility program that meets the needs of the company and employees and managing the tax compliance and payroll reporting in multiple countries.

Eide Bailly is a proud member of HLB, a global advisory and accounting network that provides access to professionals in over 150 countries.

What We Offer

Global mobility services consist of multiple pieces designed to help an employer seamlessly transition employees and their families to a foreign country and keep the company in compliance with international tax laws from a corporate tax, employer and employee perspective.

Here are some of the common areas that global mobility services address:

  • Assimilation Risks

  • Tax Compliance Risks

  • Travel Risks

A global mobility program will allow an employer to assess all of the above risks, develop a plan or company policies to address each of the common risk areas and provide that information to the employee prior to going global. This benefits the employee in the transition, particularly when a family is also moving, and helps the employer understand the potential liability issues before the employee embarks on a foreign assignment.

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Planning minimizes your global tax burden and keeps you compliant.

Minimize your global tax burden and maintain compliance with Eide Bailly

Our international tax professionals are experienced in the global mobility program environment and will work closely with you to understand your foreign activities goals.

Global Mobility Services Leadership

Jared Johnson

Jared G JohnsonEA

Principal - Global Mobility Practice Leader - International Tax

Jared is an international tax specialist who focuses on helping company clients manage the various domestic and international tax issues that come with moving employees across international borders to work. Jared also assists individual clients with cross-border issues related to tax/estate planning and compliance services. He has experience working for the Big Four and is a recognized leader in this field.