Centralize and organize your data into a single source of truth.

Eide Bailly’s strategic data warehouse approach is tailored to meet your organization’s needs based on your data strategy and desired business outcomes. Our team of data analysts focuses on data cleanliness, structure, and organization, so your data can be translated into actionable insights that are easy to access and understand.

What to Expect

Our certified data consultants follow a data warehousing methodology that takes a business-first approach to applying leading technology to your data. We provide end-to-end data support, starting with data discovery, architecting, and implementing the best solution, and ending with fully managed monitoring of your data warehouse if desired.

Our team has the expertise to serve as an extension of your internal team or be leveraged in a staff augmentation capacity if you’re facing talent constraints or want to outsource your data initiatives to an experienced firm. From full-scale overhauls to cloud migrations, we have you covered.

Our Data Warehouse Consulting Services

Effective leadership hinges on decisions informed by data. Yet, numerous organizations and leaders struggle with inadequate data access and management challenges. They often face inefficient manual data processes, including inaccurate, inconsistent, siloed, and delayed access. These issues result in leaders looking backward instead of forward.

When it comes to business intelligence, data warehousing is key. Leveraging advanced technology from partners like Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, and Databricks, we help organizations take control of their data. This mastery enables them to make informed decisions that drive growth and expansion.

Let us take care of your data so you can take care of business.

From your data strategy to warehousing, analytics, and AI, our team will help you get the most out of your data.
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What We Offer

  • Data Discovery

  • Architecture

  • Implementation

  • Monitoring

  • Support

Take Your Business to the Next Level With Data Warehouse Consulting 

Data warehouse consulting ensures that you have a knowledgeable partner by your side every step of the way as you build a solution that moves your business forward.

  • Enhance Data Quality: Business leaders must trust their data to be confident that they are making the best and most informed decisions. We’ll help you keep your data accurate and reliable so that your conclusions can be, too.
  • Optimize Costs: Our specialists will constantly monitor and optimize the performance of your data warehousing solution. This, in turn, helps lower your storage and processing costs, resulting in more effective spending.
  • Plan Strategically: Our team will help you take inventory of your existing systems and clarify your vision and objectives. We will assist your team in creating a strategy that ultimately leads to real ROI for your business.
  • Scale Efficiently: We design your data warehouse to accommodate business growth. As your data needs expand, you can trust that your infrastructure will do the same without bottlenecks or downtime.
  • Unlock Growth: Create a single source of truth for real-time, accurate data. Our data warehousing solutions give you the business intelligence you need to propel your organization forward.

Eide Bailly: Your Data Warehousing Company

Enterprise data warehousing can be complex, involving numerous decisions that make implementation tedious and confusing. As one of the best cloud data warehouse consulting firms, our specialists have the knowledge and experience to handle data of any volume, streamline the process, and ensure you have a comprehensive solution that helps you gain access to valuable insights. Let our data warehouse consulting services take the burden off your shoulders so you can focus on what truly matters:  growing your business.

Our data warehousing professionals can centralize your data into a single source of truth.

Wherever you are in your data journey—Eide Bailly can help.

Let us handle your data so you can handle your business.

Warehousing Leadership

Nathan McMurtrey

Nathan McMurtrey

Principal/Data Analytics Practice Leader

Nathan believes every company can be a data company. As a partner at Eide Bailly, he leads the firm's Analytics practice in reaching that vision. Previously the CEO and founder of Xerva, a business intelligence company located in Orem, Utah, his educational background is in accounting where he first learned that accounting is really just an exercise in organizing data. Nathan loves to watch data transform businesses and go from being a liability to an asset.
Nate Allphin

Nate Allphin


Nate has 20 years of experience in the data and analytics world. His career started as a data analyst and he quickly came to realize that organizing and enabling companies with data was his true passion.
Jon Ault

Jon E. Ault


Jon helps clients identify and apply technology solutions that support their strategic business objectives. He provides clients with leadership through technology assessments, business intelligence and analytics, and developing strategic plans for information technology.