Develop an Endowment Strategy for Your Nonprofit Organization


Endowments are an important part of a nonprofit’s operation. There is an expectation from donors and stakeholders that these funds are managed properly. When accounting for endowments, there’s much to consider, including creation and management, legal best practices, investing, and proper accounting.

Mission-Aligned Investing of Endowments

Nonprofit organizations should create an endowment strategy that includes mission-aligned investing. It’s important to invest in a way that is ethical with portfolios that follow best practices established for Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG), Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and Impact Investing.

Be sure to gain consensus among investment committee members and your management team around the goals and objectives of your endowment portfolio to make sure that it aligns with your nonprofit’s mission.

Proper Accounting of Endowments

Accounting for endowments presents a variety of challenges for nonprofit organizations. There are key considerations for the treatment and tracking of endowments to properly account for these funds. It’s important to evaluate the various endowment types and components, donor restrictions, beneficiary interests, and donor-advised funds. It’s also important to know your options on how to handle any budget shortfalls and any other issues with your endowments.

Comprehensive Guide on Nonprofit Endowment Strategy

Our Nonprofit Endowment Strategy e-Book was created to help nonprofit organizations better manage their endowments.

In this guide, we outline important endowment considerations, including:

  • Creation and management
  • Legal best practices
  • Mission-aligned investing
  • Proper accounting
  • Dealing with budget shortfalls

This e-Book will help you gain greater understanding of how to properly manage and account for your nonprofit’s endowments so you can operate more impactfully.

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