Develop an Endowment Strategy for Your Nonprofit Organization

Download our e-book on how to develop an endowment strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • Endowments are an important part of a nonprofit’s operation. Accounting for endowments presents a variety of challenges for nonprofit organizations.
  • When accounting for endowments, there’s much to consider, including creation and management, legal best practices, investing, and proper accounting.
  • Nonprofit organizations should create an endowment strategy that includes mission-aligned investing.

The Endowment Strategy Guide for Nonprofits

Endowments are vital for nonprofits, requiring proper management and accounting. This involves considerations like legal best practices, ethical investing aligned with ESG, SRI, and Impact Investing, and gaining consensus among stakeholders to align with the nonprofit's mission.

Common challenges include tracking various endowment types, donor restrictions, beneficiary interests, and donor-advised funds, along with addressing budget shortfalls and other endowment-related issues.

We’ve developed a comprehensive e-book for nonprofit leaders on how to properly manage and account for a nonprofit’s endowments to operate more impactfully. The e-book provides actionable insight and expertise to help you navigate:

  • Creation and management
  • Legal best practices
  • Mission-aligned investing
  • Proper accounting
  • Dealing with budget shortfalls
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