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Traeger Pellet Grills is a leader in the outdoor grilling and BBQ world. Their name is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship.

A thirty-year-old brand, Traeger manufactures and distributes high-end, innovative wood pellet grills. They even have a “smart” wood-fired grill that downloads recipes straight from your phone and auto-cooks your meal to perfection. (It’s called the Timberline, and yes, it’s amazing.)

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But around 2016, Traeger realized they needed to apply their same commitment to quality to their internal systems too. Having been using Salesforce for nearly a decade, their CRM was very fragmented across their business.

“I think that our Salesforce implementation kind of grew organically in the company. One department decided that they wanted some functionality of Salesforce so they implemented it. Another department saw the same thing, and so they implemented a different piece of functionality. And it lacked, again, some level of cohesion across all of our business groups.”

Traeger was at a turning point with their CRM. It was either time to move on or get moving. They made the strategic decision to “double down” on Salesforce, and to get moving in the right direction, they gave our team a call.

Capitalizing on Salesforce

From Salesforce Self-Implementation to CRM Optimization

“The main thing for us is to focus on what we're good at.”

- Ryan Newman | VP of IT, Traeger Grills

Traeger knew that this time around, they would need help to do it right.

“We knew that we didn’t have the internal expertise to do this ourselves, and the main thing for us is to focus on what we’re good at. We are a culinary brand that helps our customers optimize their cooking experience on our products. We’re not a software implementation company, and that’s not where we can invest our resources. So we identify and leverage experts in those fields to help us with those projects.”

And help we did.

Traeger now has a strategic and cohesive Salesforce implementation that works across their business units. They’ve also tapped into capabilities with Salesforce that they had never considered. Now, not only is their sales team running on Salesforce Sales Cloud, but they’re using Salesforce for supply chain and inventory management, in their call center for case and warranty support, and even their accounting team uses Salesforce for credit card processing and refunds.

The result is a functional, quality product – which, of course, is the Traeger way.

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