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From 20-Year-Old Legacy Systems to a Scalable, All-in-One ERP Platform

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MGISSalt Lake City, UT

MGIS, Medical Group Insurance Services, provides insurance to medical groups across the country.


  • Streamlined financials and reporting
  • Improved service operations and case management
  • One platform for accounting, HR, customer service, and marketing
  • Secure, reliable data management
  • Scalable solution to accommodate continued growth

Watch how Eide Bailly helped MGIS implement NetSuite ERP.

The Challenge

MGIS was using 20-year-old legacy accounting software that hadn’t been updated in 10 years.

Their accounting software was being utilized as a checkbook, with data being moved out of the system and into Excel spreadsheets to issue financial statements. This was an error-prone and time-consuming process that delivered unreliable data and hindered decision making.

The Solution

A powerful cloud ERP solution.

Our NetSuite team implemented NetSuite ERP and NetSuite CRM, and integrated Expensify. Above all, the implementation was completed ahead of schedule.

The Results

Fast, efficient, and reliable data across the organization.

Growing in the medical malpractice and disability insurance industry, they feel confident with a solution that is easy to scale and maintain while keeping their data secure.

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