Affordable Care Act Compliance & Consulting

The Affordable Care Act impacts every business, large or small. At Eide Bailly, we can help with your ACA compliance, consulting, and analysis needs.

Employers with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees need to offer affordable and adequate coverage to full-time employees in order to avoid costly penalties. These employers also have an annual reporting requirement. It’s important to note that all businesses that are part of a controlled group need to look at their combined employee counts for this determination.

Though small employers do not need to offer coverage, there are other ACA rules they need to adhere to, similar to large employers, such as not reimbursing employees for health care costs unless done via an ACA compliant plan.

Eide Bailly understands the complexities of the ACA, and we have saved our clients millions of dollars in ACA penalties. From providing an analysis of health insurance costs to employer reporting requirement compliance and ACA consulting to working with the IRS on penalty abatement, we have you covered. We have the experience and tools to help with all your ACA needs.

Our services include:

ACA Consulting

Get help identifying measurement periods, reviewing your penalty risk, advising on the best insurance based on your employee dynamics, educating your HR team on the reporting requirements, and setting up your ACA tracking software.

ACA Compliance

We understand ACA forms inside and out. We can prepare your annual federal and state ACA forms, electronically file with the appropriate government entity, and send the finalized forms to you and your employees.

ACA Review

We offer a review service for employers preparing their ACA forms internally or with a payroll company. There currently is no statute of limitations on ACA forms, meaning the IRS can look at ACA forms all the way back to 2015. Additionally, starting with the 2021 forms, the good-faith effort relief is no longer applicable, meaning the IRS will likely start penalizing employers for errors made on their ACA forms. Over 95% of the employer forms we review have one or more errors.

IRS Notice Assistance

We have years of experience working with the IRS to request and receive penalty abatement on millions of dollars of ACA penalties. We’ve also worked with IRS appeals agents, sending backup ACA guidance in order to obtain further client penalty abatement.

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Get your ACA compliance, consulting, and analysis questions answered.

Get your ACA compliance, consulting, and analysis questions answered with the help of Eide Bailly.

Our specialists have years of experience working with the Affordable Care Act and its numerous reporting and compliance requirements.

Affordable Care Act Compliance & Consulting Leadership

Tonya Rule

Tonya M. RuleCPA

Partner/Affordable Care Act Practice Leader

Tonya helps businesses with the rules surrounding the Affordable Care Act. She assists large employers with the compliance requirements, Forms 1094-C and 1095-C, and she also advises them on very technical rules that many employers and advisors aren't aware of. In addition, she works with small businesses who are planning on expanding their current operations to make sure they are doing everything from measuring their employees correctly to deciding on the best insurance plan for their business. Tonya regularly works with clients on various ACA IRS notices and has been very successful in getting most of these penalties abated.