Human resources is a critical function of your organization. When HR is not given the proper attention, issues arise.

People are the heart of your organization. Human resources (HR) is the crucial business practice area designed to create and enforce policies, benefits and actions that help your people have a great experience. When HR is ignored, it can lead to recruitment and retention issues as well as legal ramifications.

Eide Bailly’s HR consultants truly enjoy working with people. We combine our interpersonal skills, knowledge of HR and understanding of legislation to help you determine the best policies, procedures and processes for your organization. We’re available when and where you need us, whether your needs are big or small.

Ways HR Can Help Your Organization

Establishing key policies, tools and procedures can help prevent employment-related issues from occurring. Plus, a solid HR strategy can help you attract and retain the best people to work for you. Here are just a few more ways HR can benefit your organization.


You want people who add value to your organization, match your culture and help meet your organization’s goals. HR professionals can help create a recruitment process and provide tools that will assist with the entire process, from job posting to hire, keeping the company’s culture and the legalities of hiring in mind.

  • Placement services
  • Background checks
  • Job description strategy and creation
  • Interview tools
  • Onboarding programs

Compensation & Benefits

Compensation and benefits are a crucial part of your ability to attract talent. It's important to know if your compensation practices are in line with the going rate for your market and if your benefits provide employees with what they need.

No matter the size of your business or HR department, benefit and compensation professionals can help you with:

  • Compensation philosophies and structures
  • Pay ranges based on industry, company size and geographic location
  • Fair Labor Standard Act compliance
  • Benefit selection, enrollment and annual renewal process

Policies and Procedures

Having your organization’s expectations of employees and employment-related laws documented in an employee handbook or policy manual is critical to enforcing consistency in your employment practices. I In order to effectively perform their job, employees need to know what they can and cannot do, what benefits are offered and what they can expect from an organization.


Setting up your HR business function to run efficiently and properly is key. Establishing proper protocols for personnel files, new hire paperwork, Form I-9, performance management, discipline, benefit eligibility and leave of absence allowances will provide for consistency and prevent discrimination.

On-Call HR

HR professionals assist with policy violations, workplace concerns and employment-related issues that fall outside of the “norm.” Having an HR Consultant available to assist when issues beyond an organization’s area of expertise arise can mitigate potential risk. Examples of these situations include: dealing with pandemics, terminations, layoffs, performance-related issues, various employee concerns, or claims of harassment or discrimination, to name a few.

Employee Exit

Change is inevitable. You don’t want to think about staff leaving your organization, but it happens. Having a plan in place for when change occurs can help you be better prepared. HR professionals can help you create exit documentation, severance packages and proper notifications.

What We Offer


Eide Bailly’s professionals empower your organization so you can recruit and hire successfully. We’ll evaluate your needs and provide the roadmap, guidance and education, so you can hire the best fit for your company. We can create the tools and provide you with the training to handle recruitment on your own, or we can take care of recruiting for you.

Policies & Procedures

Our HR professionals can work with you to update an existing employee handbook/policy manual or develop one that suits your unique organization.

Compensation & Benefits

Our team can assess what you need to ensure your compensation and benefits align with your company’s mission and values. We’ll share our experience and expertise, so you have the necessary compensation and benefits to be competitive in your market or industry space.

Operations Planning & Strategy

Eide Bailly’s HR professionals use their experience, skills and resources to strategize and empower you, so you can be on your way to creating a culture of trust and opportunity for all. Services include:

  • Personnel file structure
  • New hire paperwork
  • Form I-9 audit and training
  • Performance management
  • Employment law compliance

On-Call HR

Eide Bailly’s HR professionals are available to assist with issues outside of your area of expertise. Call on us to help when:

  • Dealing with a risky termination
  • Changing a policy
  • Responding to an employee’s question regarding their “rights”
  • Implementing new employment law requirements
  • Rolling out a new HR practice

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