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Discover investigative and cost-effective eDiscovery management.

eDiscovery companies focus on a best practice approach to preserving, investigating and presenting what you and your client need the most: the electronically stored information (ESI) necessary to your legal case.

eDiscovery management companies provide services like:

  • Preservation of electronically stored data
  • Maintaining chain-of-custody
  • Remote collections
  • Data culling/filtering
  • Privilege filtering with privilege log
  • Processing
  • Load file creation
  • Secure hosted review
  • File conversion
  • Bates numbering
  • Redacting
  • Archiving data for litigation
  • Project management
  • Assisted review by attorneys

Put eDiscovery to work for you
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The Importance of eDiscovery In and Out of the Courtroom
With the increase of technology available to us comes a higher risk for potential fraud and resulting legal action. Evolving technology trends like smartphones, wearable technologies and mobile applications have changed the face of computer forensics and eDiscovery. These technologies contain information that can aid in litigation and make or break our court case.

The Need to Handle eDiscovery with an Objective, Third-Party
When collecting information that has the potential to be used in a legal proceeding, it’s important to ensure the extraction, preservation and storage of electronic information can be upheld.

While self-collection is an option, it also comes with its share of issues. Companies who choose to have their own eDiscovery department must take critical and necessary steps to ensure their ESI is collected objectively and ethically. One misstep can cost you and your company thousands of dollars in litigation costs.

Using a neutral, objective third-party eDiscovery company allows you to not only adhere to forensic standards, but also provide proper documentation to ensure data was properly preserved and not purposely deleted.

What to Look for in Leading eDiscovery Companies
eDiscovery specialists have backgrounds in both technology and computer forensics. This allows these professionals to not only process the data in an efficient way, but also produce the relevant, essential information you need for your litigation and court case.

It is important to work with certified eDiscovery specialists. Their investigative approach to preserving your client's data and meeting evidence rules is critical when it comes to seeking resolution in legal matters. This ensures that you stay within scope and proportionality without compromising the integrity that the evidence rules provide, giving you an advantage in civil litigation.

Why Eide Bailly is a Leading eDiscovery Firm
Eide Bailly is a leading national eDiscovery company. All our eDiscovery professionals are certified digital forensic examiners who are specifically trained to forensically preserve and document ESI. Our professionals maintain both electronic and physical chain of custody throughout all our projects.

We use state of the art technology and eDiscovery platforms which allow you to review work in an intuitive way. Because our software is online, you can view it securely and have access to responsive support at any time. All of this is done using court-proven forensic methodologies to ensure you have the information you need and can use it.

We also understand that access to critical information doesn’t have to break the bank. Controlling the costs associated with eDiscovery matters to you and it matters to us. Our eDiscovery management technology solution is scalable to fit any size litigation. Your data is handled efficiently and cost-effectively with an investigative approach so you can maximize its use in litigation.

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