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Get to the bottom of elusive digital data with digital forensic expertise.

As the amount of technology at our fingertips rises, so does the chance for fraud to occur. The number of court cases and legal proceedings involving digital data and technology issues continue to expand. When using digital data in an investigation or litigation, it’s critical to ensure it was extracted and preserved correctly.

The use of forensic accounting and digital forensics
Investigative technology forensic professionals examine and analyze electronic devices or communication transactions to prove, support or dispute facts in a case.

Computer and digital forensic specialists have experience and expertise across the following areas:

  • Computer forensics
  • Network forensics and incident response
  • Internet and social media forensics
  • Smartphone and mobile devices
  • Cloud forensics

The use of digital forensic professionals is critical to your court case and the evidence provided by these professionals can be essential to your litigation needs.

Why You Need Digital Forensics
Forensic data collections are extensive and complicated. From a single email or smartphone to the full computer system of a large corporation, technology has changed the way we do business and how we deal with potential fraud and other litigation matters.

No matter the type or size of data, all digital data has to be collected in a safe, ethical forensic manner. Without this, it’s not admissible in court.

To ensure opposing counsel that the data was not deleted or altered, it’s important to use an independent third party.

Why Eide Bailly is a Top Digital Forensics Firm
Digital forensics companies with expertise like Eide Bailly are rare. Our digital forensic professionals have backgrounds in computer forensics, investigative techniques and cybersecurity. They are trained to handle the extraction and preservation of digital data with court-proven methodologies.

They also understand the importance of discretion when dealing with confidential cases and will work closely with you in a supportive and responsive manner to uncover the truth.

Our team of forensic accountants and digital forensic experts have provided investigative accounting and digital forensic services to numerous attorneys around the nation. Issues they have worked with include:

  • Financial disputes
  • Fraud investigations
  • White collar crime investigations
  • Corporate investigations
  • Lost profits
  • Business interruption and business interruption insurance claims
  • Lost wages
  • Trade secret theft investigations
  • Employee misconduct investigations
  • HR and security investigations
  • Cybersecurity breach investigations
  • Family law

Our digital forensic experts not only use their training to provide the data you need for your court case but can provide expert testimony to aid in your legal proceeding. Their goal is to help you uncover the facts.

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