A cyberattack can leak valuable, sensitive information that can damage an organization.

Cybersecurity threats never happen when it’s convenient. Therefore, urgency is critical when it comes to a potential data breach.

Professionals trained in incident response can help quickly identify, document, and summarize an incident, providing answers and solutions when you need them most. Eide Bailly’s threat management professionals bring unique skillsets shaped by their backgrounds in computer forensics, investigative techniques, and cybersecurity.

Specifically, our threat management team seeks to:

  • Discover where technical security weaknesses lie within an organization.
  • Prioritize what technical changes need to happen to have the greatest impact.
  • Remediate vulnerabilities alongside our clients to provide greater security maturity.
  • Validate that risk has been mitigated/resolved.
  • Respond when an incident might occur to help minimize the impact of a breach.

Top Three Lessons Learned in Incident Response 

Data Breach
An effective incident response plan can help your organization recover from a breach quicker.
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Make sure you’re prepared when a data breach occurs.

Navigate cyber threats with confidence and strategy.

Having a strong cybersecurity strategy is a necessity in today’s business landscape. It’s not just the IT department’s job to minimize cybersecurity risk; everyone has a stake in keeping your business protected.