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A non-federal entity, such as nonprofits, governments, and tribes, with federal expenditures in excess of $750,000 is required to have a single audit (often referred to as a Uniform Guidance Single Audit) performed, which includes an audit of both the financial statements and the federal awards. The single audit focuses on how your entity manages federal grants and ensures you followed the rules for dollars associated with federal grants or awards that are considered major programs.

Federal compliance can be tricky to navigate, especially if your organization is administering federal awards for the first time. A professional with experience in single audits can help guide your organization through this task. Our professionals have extensive experience in providing auditing, training, consulting, and compliance policy review to help assist organizations who are experienced or new to federal grant compliance or serve as the auditor for the organization. By advising you on compliance issues and helping you prepare the data collection form and the reporting package for submission to the federal audit clearinghouse, our assistance allows you to tend to your organization's other needs. We stay up to date with all regulation changes, reducing the need for your staff to devote additional time to this mandatory function.

Our Experience

Our single audit experience includes auditing awards made by the Department of Education, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce, Department of Interior, Department of Transportation, Department of Justice, Department of Labor, Department of the Treasury, Department of Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, Office of the National Drug Control Policy, Department of Defense, and the Bureau of Land Management, among others.

Eide Bailly has a three-year average of auditing more than $28.8 billion in federal expenditures. As your organization looks to expand its current federal programs, we can pull from our expansive database of federal programs that we have assisted with and provide consultation on what has worked effectively for other entities. This will help your organization establish strong controls and processes over new federal programs rather than trying to rework controls and processes after the programs are established.

Common Single Audit Findings and Remediation Series

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This series discusses common single audit findings and how to ensure your entity remains in compliance.
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Every year, we work with Eide Bailly on our various audits. Eide Bailly's knowledge of our business operations is very valuable and, therefore, we don't have to re-train the audit staff on a continuous basis. They always deliver on their promised results and their audits are finished within the specified time frame and within the agreed upon budget.
John Sager
Chief Financial Officer & Vice President, AdministrationIdaho Housing and Finance

Make sense of your single audit compliance requirements.

The single audit can seem overwhelming even to experienced award recipients. An understanding of the sources of regulation and program requirements is the first step to ensuring compliance with your federal programs.

Single Audit Leadership

Lealan Miller

Lealan I. MillerCPA


Lee provides auditing and consulting services to a variety of industries including government, financial institutions and nonprofit organizations.
Kurt Schlicker

Kurt SchlickerCPA


Kurt works primarily with governments and nonprofits. He specializes in auditing federal grants for compliance. He has experience auditing grants from almost every major U.S. federal agency. He is a member of Eide Bailly's Single Audit Technical Issues Committee which assists the firm in staying compliant with federal grant auditing requirements. He is also a part of Eide Bailly’s COVID-19 Government Response Team which helps the firm respond to COVID-19 federal legislation and the impact on our clients.