The taxation of flow-through entities allows businesses to obtain a tax result mirroring their economic deal.

Entities (like LLCs) classified as partnerships or S corporations for tax purposes, also known as pass-through entities, offer businesses the opportunity to structure flexible economic deals while paying only a single layer of tax, as opposed to the double layer of tax paid by C corporations. Additionally, pass-through entities are eligible to make use of the section 199A deduction that can reduce their effective tax rates.

Flow-through entities provide opportunities for businesses to create deals capturing both the desired economic and tax outcome. Eide Bailly’s team of experienced tax attorneys and accountants can help you with all phases, from admitting a new partner or shareholder to wrapping up and liquidating a business.

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The taxation of flow-through entities provides businesses with tax opportunities.

Flow-through entities can provide businesses with tax opportunities.

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Pass-through Entity Consulting Leadership

Adam Sweet

Adam SweetJ.D., LL.M.


Adam leads Eide Bailly's Passthrough Entity Consulting group. He has extensive knowledge in the area of partnership tax, including interpreting partnership agreements, allocation and distribution provisions, and issuing compensatory equity. He is also experienced with both the buying and selling sides of domestic and foreign joint ventures, tax credit partnerships and a variety of IRS controversy matters. Adam also leads Eide Bailly’s Opportunity Zone working group.