Cybersecurity risk is business risk. Empower the right people and technology to protect your data.

Over 50% of companies have experienced one or more cyberattacks in the last 12 months. On average, it takes most companies at least six months to detect a data breach, regardless of its size.

Organizations that are prepared for an incident can recover quicker and get back to business as usual. In fact, organizations who are prepared for a potential attack save an average of 38% in the cost of the breach.

The Impacts of a Security Incident on your Organization
Cybersecurity involves more than protecting your systems and data—it means safeguarding your business's reputation. After all, a cyberattack can have serious consequences for your business, including:

  • Business delivery and continuity is impacted due to system loss, leading to potential brand damage and business loss
  • Inaccessible and compromised customer, employee, and company data
  • Strain on internal resources and management, including potential loss in revenue, delays and diminished productivity
  • Unplanned costs due to a compromised environment such as fines, ransom, legal, and recovery costs.
  • Exposed confidential and/or sensitive data

How a Cybersecurity Plan Can Save You Time and Resources
While data breaches pose an ever-increasing threat, research has shown that many organizations do not have a cybersecurity and incident response plan in place and as such they are not prepared to handle the consequences associated with a cyberattack.

Costs associated with a security breach are significantly higher when it is responded to reactively  rather than utilizing a proactive, tested plan. Developing a plan for prevention and response is not only cost-effective, but it will help better prepare your organization for an incident.

The goal of a cybersecurity and incident response plan is to understand your risk and prepare appropriate prevention tactics for each. This includes employee education, establishing budgets and implementing the right technology for detection and resolution.

A Trustworthy Cybersecurity Team Can Help
With direction and guidance from cybersecurity professionals, you can better understand your risks and empower the right people, processes, and technology to protect your data. With a clear plan and trustworthy team, you can prevent, detect and respond to new cyberattacks and threats.

Eide Bailly’s cybersecurity professionals have deep IT Security career backgrounds specializing in a broad range of cybersecurity services, which allows us to tailor services and solutions to your specific needs. We work with professionals at every level of your organization; your boards and executives, technical IT admins and general users to provide insight and guidance so you can feel confident your organization’s critical data and systems are protected.

Here’s how we can ensure your cybersecurity needs are met:

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Why Choose Eide Bailly for Your Cybersecurity Needs

From proactive planning to supportive, timely response when you need it the most, we’re the trustworthy cybersecurity team you can count on. Our comprehensive security solutions include advisory, integration and threat management.

Our vision is to help build a culture of security for every organization so they have a proactive, planned out response when cyberthreats arise.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Align your security initiatives to support your overall business objectives
  • Implement security solutions to identify and protect your most valuable data
  • Establish processes and procedures to create a culture that understands the need to protect your company data
  • Provide visibility and transparency to the current state of security, validating the effectiveness of security measures in place, identifying any security weaknesses and providing recommendations and action plans for resolving any weaknesses
  • Help you protect your valuable data
  • Educate your employees to reduce risks
  • Help you plan and right-size your security needs and investments
  • Identify security gaps and provide solutions to close those gaps and reduce your business risk
  • Bridge the gap between IT and leadership to communicate the importance of needed technology investments to proactively protect the organization’s valued data
  • Supplement your IT staff, providing experienced security professionals with specialized knowledge to implement and manage security solutions in your environment

Eide Bailly’s security solutions and services are tailored to your business, so you know your data is appropriately secure. More than a vendor, we’re your partner in the evolution of your cybersecurity and the implementation of best practices to protect your organization.

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