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Having a CPA on your side is an invaluable asset—even when it’s not tax season! Lots of people who are searching for accounting in Dubuque, IA think that having a bookkeeper or doing it yourself is sufficient for their business needs. However, time and experience show that having the help of a certified public accountant can not only protect your business from risk but also help you plan ahead.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what a CPA is and how a CPA’s skills can help your business thrive.

What is a CPA?

According to Investopedia, a certified public accountant is “… a certification given by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, to individuals who pass the Uniform CPA Examination.” This examination is administered by each state, which gives licensure to CPAs.

Moreover, there are several requirements needed in order to become a CPA. One must have at least 150 semester hours of education behind them, must have worked in public accounting for at least 2 years, and must continue to attain a specific number of hours of yearly education to maintain their status. CPAs are not simply new accounting graduates, but experienced professionals.

CPAs also have legal responsibilities and privileges due to their status. This is somewhat similar to the privileges of a lawyer or other licensed professional. Many accounting and financial services positions have CPA licensure as a requirement. These requirements apply to accountants in Dubuque, Iowa.

How Can a Dubuque CPA Help You?

Having a certified public accountant on hand can greatly help your business. They can guide your business financials and show you how to navigate the ins and outs of everything from taxes to audits and more.

A CPA in the Dubuque area can assist you with the following:

  • Tax preparation
    This is the most well-known service that CPAs provide. CPAs are experts with tax preparation and can be immensely helpful in lowering your state and federal tax bills.
  • Internal audits and bookkeeping
    A CPA can be hugely helpful in ensuring you have an accurate view of all the business processes in your company. In addition, they can help maintain accurate tracking of your books and transactions on a regular basis.
  • Business valuation and financial planning
    Certified Professional Accountants are experts at helping business owners plan for the future. A CPA’s skills can help you accurately evaluate your business. They can also provide counsel on how to keep your business stable, including cash flow management and investment services.
  • Forensic accounting
    If you need help in tracking down unexplained transactions or in discovering fraud, a Dubuque CPA is the person you need on your side. Using investigative accounting techniques, a forensic accountant can help you find the source of your loss. As one of the most trusted forensic accounting firms in Dubuque, we can help you navigate any difficulties that arise.
  • Litigation assistance
    Once you’ve discovered evidence of internal loss or a contract breach, a Dubuque CPA is the person you need on your side. A trained CPA can work with legal counsel to make sure that you are successful in your litigation efforts. If you are suffering from theft or other bad-faith actors, a CPA is an invaluable member of your courtroom team.

Dubuque CPA Services Provided by Eide Bailly

Eide Baily has worked with business owners for years. As such, Eide Bailly is among the top accounting firms in Dubuque, IA. We provide:

Our wide array of services can help any business, large or small, succeed. When choosing from accounting firms in Dubuque, Eide Bailly should be your first choice!

Why Choose Eide Bailly?

There are many different CPA firms in Dubuque, Iowa you can choose from. However, Eide Bailly stands out because we provide you with start to finish, top to bottom professional accounting services for all aspects of your business. Moreover, Eide Bailly is registered with the Iowa Board of Accountancy and has operated since 1917.

At Eide Bailly, we see ourselves as your lifetime partner, not simply a vendor. We can help you start a new business from the ground up and offer you professional support from our team. This enables your business to succeed from the very beginning. Since our team knows your business from all positions, we’ll be able to supply you with the services you need to achieve your long-term business goals. Our emphasis is on long-term partnership at Eide Bailly, not just providing one-off services. With that in mind, Eide Bailly is your Iowa accounting firm of choice.

Eide Bailly is Your Dubuque CPA Solution

If you’re looking for Dubuque CPA firms, Eide Bailly is your solution. We never stop in our quest to provide the widest and deepest array of accountancy and professional services to anyone searching for an accountant in Dubuque, IA. Contact us if you need any of the above services, or if you simply need a trusted accountant in Dubuque.


Dubuque – Iowa's oldest city – is located along the Mississippi River and known as the “Masterpiece on the Mississippi”. Dubuque offers a wealth of opportunities as it connects three states and is a center of influence for neighboring metro areas.


Members of our Dubuque office are involved in many local charities, community outreach events and programs, including:

  • Dubuque Community Days of Caring: We close our office each year to allow staff to participate in this city-wide day of service. Typically, our large group is sent to a nonprofit location to aid in outside spring cleaning and the beautification of grounds. It is physical, yet rewarding work. We also support the efforts of the event itself as a supply sponsor. The funding allows volunteer sites to purchase extra supplies needed due to all the additional helping hands.
  • Nonprofit service: Several of our staff members donate their time and talents to nonprofit boards, committees and educational programs in the community. Some of these include commitments with the Greater Dubuque Development Corp, St. Mark’s Community Center, Miracle League of Dubuque, DuRide, NICC, Junior Achievement, and the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque. We also have staff on various school and parish finance committees.


A few other organizations we support include: Holy Family, Area Residential Care, March of Dimes, Opening Doors, Hillcrest Family Services, Hills & Dales, Dubuque Early Childhood, Stonehill Franciscan Services, Two by Two Character Development, Clarke University, Loras College and University of Dubuque. We are proud to be named one of the top 17 Coolest Places to Work in Dubuque by the Dubuque Area Chamber!