Building Strong Futures Together with Colorado Public Television Station

February 10, 2021

As many can attest, it can be difficult to run a nonprofit in normal times, and it is even more challenging to run one during a pandemic. Despite all the obstacles, our Colorado Resourcefullness Award winner rose above and utilized their resources to not only serve their audience and community but to also help other local nonprofit organizations pivot their programs to find success.

PBS12 (formerly Colorado Public Television) is an educational broadcaster in the greater Denver area. As a PBS station geared for Coloradans, their mission statement is to share the real, personal stories of the Colorado experience that celebrates their lifestyles and tackles the issues that define the state. They are rooted in independence and diverse viewpoints, while championing diverse voices, celebrating community, delighting audiences and expanding perspectives.

Following a successful transition in light of the pandemic, PBS12’s leadership team put their heads together to create an approach that provides aid to other nonprofits in producing successful events and online content. They called this initiative “Building Strong Futures Together,” and really stuck to its motto of “all boats can rise when you work together.” Through helping other organizations with the resources they readily have available, PBS12 was able to create an additional revenue stream that has seen continuous growth, helping to assure this Colorado nonprofit’s sustainability for years to come.

“As with most non-profit organizations, the COVID pandemic caused the loss of all of our planned events after March 2020, including our fundraising events. In addition to restructuring all of our production processes, we needed to develop a new strategy for recapturing some of our revenue losses. We created a new business model in which PBS12 would be financially compensated for our online producing and hosting of virtual events for other local nonprofits while they were able to retain some of their own fundraising events, now produced for online engagement.”

-Kim Johnson, President & General Manager | PBS12

Other nonprofit organizations that are experiencing similar challenges, from the inability to have in-person events to other side effects of the pandemic, may benefit from using similar strategies. Take some time to consider other ways you might be able to achieve your mission. Would a collaboration with another nonprofit aid in enhancing both of your missions? Is there something you are currently doing that you can help others to implement? Do you have resources or special skills you can provide to other organizations in your community? Our team of advisors are here to help you and your board work through your ideas and develop a solid plan.